Top 10 best cities to be Homeless in America

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With so many homeless in the United States, I thought we would take a look at the best places to be homeless in the US. Here are the Top 10 best cities to be homeless  

For whatever reason,Guest Posting people end up living on the street, now the old myth was that it's just lazy people and addicts, those are the only people that end up living under bridges or something; but the reality is a different story, there are a million and one reasons why someone ends up on the streets, loss of a job, an unexpected illness, loss of their spouse and their income, mental illness, the list goes on.

Here are the Top 10 best cities to be homeless

1 -New York City

New York is one of the best cities you could be homeless in, currently, there are 91 thousand residents experienced homelessness within the cities, so you'll have a lot of companies being homeless. In recent years homelessness in New York City has reached the highest levels it had since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The city has the least amount of unsheltered homeless residents in the country with only 5%, they have over 200 shelters the reason it makes the best list with it getting so cold and all that you'd think it wouldn't it's the New York City Department of homeless services, this is one of the best and the biggest homeless service departments in the country.

2- Salt Lake City Utah

Salt Lake City is the center of the Mormon universe, homeless get some help, as a matter of fact, the churches donated more than 50 million dollars over the past decade to nine groups that serve the homeless in the Salt Lake Valley,

3-Fort Worth Texas

Fort Worth is a great place to be homeless, most cities have a hard time getting homeless residents back on their feet after they've ended up on the streets; not Fort Worth they're doing something right. In 2014 they had an all-time high homeless population of 2400 residents. In 2019 the population is down to about sixteen or seventeen hundred, the city offers shelters as well as employment opportunities which have shown to be aiding in the success.

4-Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas has a violent crime rate that is 62 percent higher than the national average, in many cities across the country homeless residents fear for their safety every single day while they're on the streets, well the city does offer shelters, the city also offers homeless courtyards, homeless courtyards is a courtyard where individuals can stay overnight or during the day and it offers showers porta-potties and security 24 hours a day.

5 -Phoenix Arizona

As of last year in 2018 the homeless population jumped nearly 11 percent to ninety-eight hundred homeless residents in Phoenix.

Phoenix is a good place to be an urban camper, it gets hot, but never too cold. If you see a homeless person in Phoenix they always say don't give them money, but they don't say to give them Gatorade and sunscreen, maybe even some lotion and or skincare system

6- Los Angeles California

California has nearly 130,000 homeless residents, there are about 80,000 homeless residents in Los Angeles alone. It has great weather and sent your homeless chances are you don't have to deal with the traffic or like getting car insurance quotes or anything like that. Los Angeles has the largest percentage of unsheltered individuals at a rate of about 75 percent, they have more than enough urban campers, although, if these residents do decide to seek a shelter the city offers a wide range of services like standard shelters, 7 animal shelters, food banks, and employment agencies.

7- San Francisco

If it isn't already obvious, the homeless people really shouldn't be living on the streets in the upper parts of this country.

Homeless are everywhere in San Francisco, there are a lot of reasons they have so many urban campers, one of the reasons that sprung up and let's say the last decade or so, is the rise of the tech industry, tech companies which are all over the Bay Area, have brought in high-paying jobs in priced about 60% of the population from prior to 2000 out of the city.

8-Seattle Washington

Washington is one of the top five states with the most homeless in the country, got about 22,000 homeless residents, Seattle alone has 12,000 of them. Being the city with the most homeless in the state, Seattle offers many resources for these individuals, some just for men, some just for women, some for women and children, some for homeless youths and more.

The weather isn't great there, but they have a ton of resources and the city doesn't really crack down on them that hard as most places do, so that's kind of nice for him.

9- Honolulu Hawaii

Hawaii is a very popular place for everyone, including the homeless, just last year it was reported that there was an average of about 4400 homeless residents in the city of Honolulu. The city offers many things for homeless individuals. Not only as the weather light perfect almost, but the city has four homeless shelters a humane society and a blah bang where people can actually donate some plasma for some extra cash.

10- San Diego California

San Diego has a homeless population of around 8500 urban campers, San Diego is the best place to be homeless since the weather so nice year-round, and it rarely rains, the city offers many different kinds of services to help those less fortunate residents. Some services include food banks, shelters male, and female homes as well as transition housing assistance.

You could be homeless anywhere else in the world and it would never be nearly as good as San Diego.

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