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Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

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It is true civilized culture that exhorts man to ‘drink’ anger when it rises in the psyche, control lewd free sexual contact by marrying and having conjugal bliss only with one’s marriage partner, accepting beneficial opportunities only if they are ethical else denounce them totally, giving more importance to executing one’s righteous duties as against demanding one’s rights only, feeding those who are hungry even if it means one remains hungry oneself etc.


Man certainly is not a machine that can be satiated by fulfilling its requirements of fuel,IGNORING TRUE CIVILIZED CULTURE MEANS CHOPPING OFF OUR OWN LEGS WITH A HATCHET Articles grease and cleaning. It is not as though by giving man bread, clothes and a roof over his head that all his needs are fulfilled. By making arrangements for food and sleep no doubt one can stay alive yet life itself cannot be bloomed. For this something more is required. Within means for sustenance he requires promise of a worry free life and security that protects him from outside and other attacks. He needs opportunities for fame, honor and status. He requires social peace and good willed behavior too. Due to the touch of art and beauty the tickling effect that emerges, the zest of love and sensitivity that manifests too is a part of his inner nature requirements. Hard work for production not only fulfills needs for bodily exercises and work outs but that means to satiate thirst and many basis of radiance of a sharp brain bloom forth. By proliferating one’s affection for humans, creatures and various things one experiences one’s soul expanding. When such opportunities are not got and that sustenance carries on somehow or the other this cannot be called anything else other than a life of a bonded laborer or slave.  

There are many people who live in lonely prisons for innumerable number of years. Yet consciousness that dwells in a dry, joyless, unconscious and lonely situations experiences ire, restlessness and aversion. A hungry belly renders the body stressed and ultimately a hungry person rebels so wrathfully that it could be compared to a dire state of committing suicide out of sheer desperation.

Man has generated a very priceless achievement while treading the long path of development which in one word should be aptly called ‘civilization’. In order to attain it he paid a very dear price. Instincts have always resided within his soul right since birth. When these remain as they are i.e. devoid of uplifting man remains in the class of a beast. Such immature instincts do not give man the golden chance of social cooperation and sanctification of the psyche. It is civilization that encouraged man to imbibe sacred ideals and observe disciplinary controls. This was the pillar of civilization with the aid of which Adam Era’s human monkeys were rendered today’s highly advanced human beings.

It is true civilized culture that exhorts man to ‘drink’ anger when it arises within the psyche, control lewd free sexual contact by marrying and having conjugal bliss only with one’s marriage partner, even when beneficial opportunities crop up accept them only if they are ethical else denounce them totally, giving more importance to executing one’s righteous duties as against demanding one’s rights only, feeding those who are hungry even if it means one remains hungry oneself etc. For human apes it was not possible to exhibit such sanctified thinking and magnanimous behavior. He was never in the state of self introspection and soul creation. In the Adam Era only natural activities overshadowed him. Culture and civility gave man so much farsighted discrimination or Viveka and daring that not only could he self introspect activities from birth itself but that he could showcase the enterprise of changing, reforming and sanctifying them.

So far we have talked of nature based control and sanctification. Civility and culture rendered human thinking process within a wholesome periphery, well sequenced and gave it an optimal direction. Specialties like imagination power, power of resolve (Sankalpa or will power) comparative study standpoint, experiences of far off results, fidelity towards society and character fidelity can be called advancement of the Super Mind. This is that very focal point of advancement/progress from where the basic difference between man and beasts gets demarcated. It is the experience of our inner personality that is called soul or Atman. No doubt creatures of very low stature execute many activities yet regarding their inner being they fail to think or understand it deeply. Their personal wish is merely nature based inspiration. In it they have no hand of their own. Man’s state is different from this. Apart from the physical body he not only gets soul experience in the form of a separate consciousness but that he makes due efforts to advance it further. The gigantic body of philosophy science and soul sciences has been created in order to demarcate the stream of self analysis and self uplifting. On understanding the application of lighting fire, knowing the utility of wheels, usage of pointed tools etc it is believed that human progress has benefitted immensely. Yet the bare reality is that this success should be credited to the imagination of civilization and demarcating its nature optimally. It is by making penance like efforts pertaining to civility and culture that he has attained divine gifts of talking, writing and laughing joyously. Attainments like agriculture, animal husbandry, clothes, vehicles, family, government, education, medical therapies, cleanliness etc are not bodily or material objects oriented but that it is the reaction of a very well advanced consciousness in its pristine pure form. Apart from progress of civilization it cannot be termed anything else.

Bodily sustenance and mental satiation no longer merely are basis of human living. This is because our inner personality has become a much bigger unit. Now ‘ego’ too is a fact and in order to satiate it that much needs to be done as is done to render contented the physical body and psyche. For self satiation imbibing of tainted distorted methods or has sanctified basis been utilized is a different matter. This discussion commences where by pushing behind the body and mind also on placing difficult controls something is done to enhance self glory. This is the introduction to soul existence. This is called Atman or soul. Anatomy and Psychology Science have their own extension and usage. Soul Sciences is proving that its authority supersedes the above two manifold. We all know the power of action and knowledge yet desires, aspirations and sensitive sentiments are proving themselves to be n fold more powerful than the above. This points at not towards inspiration of nature based activities but towards sensitive emotions. We are clearly seeing how the nature of the soul and work arena has augmented a great deal. Who does not know how difficult it is for laymen to satiate the demands of ego whether the basis in doing so is distorted or pious in form? In actuality very much akin to nature based activities demarcating the form of soul consciousness and creating new foundation pillars for its fulfillment is like setting up anew a Neo Science. Underdeveloped creatures totally are ignorant regarding these attainments. Within human achievements the long chain of material means lie in front of us. Yet the advancement of civility and culture that has bestowed on it the soul and has given them the it’s well expanded cast in the form of a boon has in reality rendered man self fulfilled and glorified. He has been made the resident of a divine world. The world is that in which germs, worms etc dwell.  Yet humans oozing with art, sensitivity, management, wealth and brilliant talent live in that world which is extraordinary even un evolved creatures do dwell on this very planet earth yet if their world and the human world is believed to be separate it certainly is not an overstatement.

The zest noted in production of bodily and mental comforts, their amassing and enjoyment has itself created extreme swiftness in turning the wheel of remaining very busy in today’s modern era. Yet if we mull very seriously behind ethical and unethical rash behavior is at work the demonic desire to fatten the ego ‘I’. If this does not happen know that the policy of eat, drink and be merry can be easily executed. The more the ego is powerful its vile distortion too is terrible. This fact has not been forgotten by spiritual seers and they along with awakening the coiled sleeping serpent in order to nail their venomous fangs have not ignored in discovering the Keelan Mantra.

The maturity of consciousness can be seen as soul experience. Its gratification lies in self glory. Distorted tainted thinking leads to its destruction. Comparatively this is easier. Even a child with a lit matchstick can set things to fire so as to burn up homes, villages etc. Terrorists time and again create such havocs and via destruction try to prove their ‘expertise’. Terrorists and extremists generally execute crime not out of lack of anything but via demonic power and ‘skill’, try to terrorize and instill fear in others. To raze a building to the ground takes up very little effort. In fact a fool too can do this but if you wish to re build it a lot of difficulty is involved. For this, pious sentiments, brain skills, capability and material means are most required. This no doubt is difficult. Hence by imbibing creative tasks only those few rare ones can showcase self glory. It is possible only for those who imbibe radiant ideals in life to put strict controls over enticement for attaining lots of ‘success’ accruing from taking up terrorism. The goal of civilized culture is definitely not augmenting demonic distortions but that greatness is augmented on imbibing which the huge building of progress can be built.

Right from bestowing the gift of soul experience to soul glory the aim of civilized culture does not get completed but that in order to transform incompleteness to total fulfillment, micro to the macro etc it has immersed itself in ceaseless efforts. It has exhibited the goal of supreme greatness in front of mankind. This aim is Almighty God. Faith in God involves generating His grace and finally the deep yearning to become like Almighty God himself. This then is devotion to God and is the peak aim of attaining him in order to fulfill which varied methods-techniques of meditation, worship and spiritual practices have been unveiled.

The description of world controlling authority has been done in the form of Brahman or cosmic consciousness. Regarding its belief there is not much difference between scientists and spiritualists. World balance and ecology theory prove that nature is not inert but is very farsighted and wondrously skillful in reinstating optimal balance the world over. Its cosmic skill is as farsighted as a Super Man having reached pinnacles of wisdom. Even on subtly studying the designing and movements of the atom it appears that science students who call nature as inert in reality chops off the ears of discriminative consciousness also. In the world of atoms ‘blind man’s bluff’ has no place but instead such a great management is place astounding us all that is possible to reinstate only by a very high stature farsighted discriminative personality. In the state of ‘Anoraniyan mahato mahiyan’ by not falling into the argument of whether to look upon discrimination spread out cosmically as inert or conscious, then its existence shall be fully accepted equally both in the realms of theism and atheism.  Maybe a war of words takes place in the acceptance cosmic consciousness authority yet there is no truth in this argument. The state of proclaiming Brahman or cosmic consciousness’ authority as acceptable to all is drawing nearer as days pass by.

Civilized culture that has given humanity ‘Almighty God’ may be said to be conjoined to Brahman but in a certain sense none should doubt when its creation is called independent. The belief of ‘Atmavat sarva bhuteshu’ which is nothing but soul unity/brotherhood with consciousness pervading all creatures awakens spiritual activities like compassion, affection, cooperation, generosity, selfless service etc. This is such a boon of theism which to a great extent puts chains of control on terrorist like havoc that is a creation of a distorted unruly ego ‘I’. Theories like rebirth, reincarnation, heaven, hell, divine justice, actions giving fruits definitely either immediately or later etc are inseparable parts of theism. While demarcating God’s form and nature it is believed to be all pervasive, dwelling in every unit/body/iota of the cosmos, omniscient and disburser of true divine justice. The basic principle of theism involves a divine disciplinary control over humanity and when he insists on behaving wildly demonic this invisible divine authority metes out due punishment.  Civilization in this manner by creating such a God has proved to be great benefactor for human society. On removing the belief of an unseen chain of control there is a danger of a demonic ego’s havoc reaching nadirs. In social management if minimal punishment for crime is ordained the matter is different else via the justice based method of reformist generosity wickedness can be stopped albeit in very tiny measure. The result of accepting the existence of an unseen disciplinary control is that it solves our aim n fold when compared to results seen by governmental control of crimes etc. Despite this belief existing when so much obstruction dwells in social apt management and peace then in its total absence the situation in a certain manner would be very unendurable.

Augmenting of the love element in devotional sentiments is a psychological spiritual practice. The more this pious goodwill is increased the more man shall be rendered gentlemanly, full of oneness of soul with others, generous and one yearning to serve the world selflessly. Thus not only will he himself experience inner untold ecstasy but that wherever he goes he shall create an environment of the influential energy of goodwill and magnanimity. People restless because they fail to get results on an immediate basis they fall into the trap of executing vile tainted activities and harbor hopelessness towards pious great acts. Due to this delay a man of theism does not become restless and impatient and very calmly imbibes the ethics of gentlemanliness whether it rains, storms or brilliant sunshine appears.

There are innumerable such examples of theism. By imbibing one-sided idealism and due to trust in God, extraordinary daring and valor is attained. Everywhere dwells the existence of Almighty God. As per this belief if imbibed our thinking gets the golden opportunity of tasting varied artistic sensitive sentiments of ‘Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram’ or ‘Truth-Well being-Divine beauty’.

Today people virtually have no faith towards civilized culture. Ignoring it and acting in an unruly manner is thought to be a sign of ‘progressiveness’ and ‘valor’. Ethical disciplinary control is mocked at and social disciplinary control is called unsocial. As a result instead of spewing anger towards arrogant unruly behavior and vile thinking people think it is ‘great’ to endure them and in certain cases these are actually encouraged. Even if all this is in minor measure yet it is terribly fearful. Even a small spark of fire can destroy things gigantically. Lest atheism towards civilized culture continues to rise and that this danger is not understood deeply its reaction shall be akin to chopping off one’s own feet with a sharp hatchet.

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