The Sub-Valentine’s Day

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Have you heard of this day What's your opinion?

The Bachelor’s is coming soon,Guest Posting are you singleHow you will spend this special day? If I were you I will catch the chance to express my admiration for the one.

The Bachelor’s Day

You may wonder how this festival was created. There are several sayings about the origin for this creative day. On one November 11 there are four people who have no wife, girl friend or lover. They gathered and played porker and drunk for a whole day. Then they talk about the woman issue. One of them advocated that there should be a day for the single people, others al agreed. Then they hold a big party that day and they spread the avocation. Some people also said that the day Jesus was born is the origin of the Bachelor’s day and It was January 1, 1111 which is more than 900 years ago.

The New Meaning for Bachelor’s Day

It might be controversy about how this day comes out. Let’s leave that topic to the historian and check the way people how they treat this special time. Some people hold the idea that I am single, I am free. These people may have bad romance before. But we should move on to the next station, there is no forever scar, sooner or later you wounded will be cured by time. Trust me there is some one for you and he or she may express his or her admiration on this Bachelor’s day.  Other people, on the contrary may think they are sympathetic because they haven’t get a girlfriend. Sometimes people get self-abased because of his appearance or background. Seize this chance to get your girl and there is nothing charmer than your honesty and care. Some westerners even think we should make the day a big event. They advocate that we should be ourselves. Those words might come out from the Male chauvinism. It is becoming a big issue day by day. More festivals mean more holiday, right By the way, if you want tell your secret admirer your feeling about her. You may have to prepare something. Except a fancy dinner maybe a celebrity dress  or the I Phone accessories would be extra fine. Good luck!

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