The Ultimate Mistake Men Make With Women – Part 2

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Want some even worse news?

When this kind of tactic doesn't work for a guy,Guest Posting he'll usually try harder, and become even more of a wussy to make a girl like him... and the more a girl runs away, the more of a wussy most guys become.

You do the math and figure out the outcome of this equation.

It totally blows my mind how a guy will kiss up to a woman and watch with his own two eyes as she becomes more and more distant... and instead of him realizing that it's his own wuss behavior that's causing the woman to run away, he just keeps doing it... and even increasing it!

And how do I know this so well?

Because I, my friend, used to be a big time Wuss Bag.

Of course, when I think back about situations in my life where I behaved like a Wuss and caused a woman to lose her attraction for me, I slap my head and say "Duh!"

For whatever reason, it just wasn't obvious to me in the moment.

And, I think that most guys go their whole lives without realizing this critical insight.

Let me tell you something else that is vitally important for you to remember:

Women have military grade wuss-detection radar systems.
Notice that I didn't say "Women are pretty good at figuring out whether or not you're a Wuss".

No no noooooo.

I said that women have military grade wuss-detection radar systems.

I'm talking special forces/navy seal/top gun/ covert ops here.

I'm talking instant wussy detection.

A woman can tell if you're a Wussy, in most cases, before you even open your mouth. And if she hasn't figured it out before you open your mouth, she'll definitely figure it out once you do open your pie-hole.

So, if women aren't attracted to Wussies, then why is it that they sometimes accept invitations to dinner, gifts, flowers, and attention from guys who are Wussies, only to reject them later on?

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