2015 NFL Win Total Projections

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This article summarizes Win projections from our resident NFL experts for the 2015 NFL season.

Per annual tradition,Guest Posting Ron and I have separately formulated our Win/Loss projections for every NFL team and how that will project out for the playoffs and Super Bowl. We do this to help ourselves get our Futures bets ready for the year but enjoy sharing them with our customers as we always end up winning money on our bets. Of course, one can't handicap injuries so these projections must assume none and are based off of each team's talent level and schedule.

From the projections below here are the teams that we both like versus the number that the sportsbook is giving out. You will find a numbers vary slightly from book to book as does the Juice so always get the best line possible. Speaking of winning cash, there are plenty of Cash Fantasy Football Leagues open that will be drafting in the next 2 weeks at Maximum Fantasy Sports.

Combined recommendations:

Under: Cleveland, Houston, Chicago, Carolina (was our favorite even before Benjamin's injury)Over: Green Bay (sticking with it even after Nelson's injury)

Individual recommendations:

Under: Jets (Ron), Oakland (Ron), Washington (Ron), Tampa (Ron), San Fran (Bill)Over: Pittsburgh (Ron), Dallas (Ron), Seattle (Ron), Arizona (Ron)



AFC Division winners: Indy, Denver, New England, PittsburghAFC Wildcards: Baltimore, MiamiAFC Championship game:  Indy over New England

NFC Division winners:  Green Bay, Seattle, Dallas, AtlantaNFC Wildcards:  Minnesota, Detroit (though a tie like this is hard to figure out how it would be broken)NFC Championship game:  Green Bay over Seattle

Super Bowl Champs: Green Bay over Indy


AFC Division winners: Indy, Denver, New England, PittsburghAFC Wildcards: Baltimore, MiamiAFC Championship game:  Pitt over Indy

NFC Division winners:  Green Bay, Seattle, Dallas, New OrleansNFC Wildcards:  Arizona, DetroitNFC Championship game:  Dallas over Green Bay

Super Bowl Champs: Dallas over Pitt

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