Amazing Uses of Tennis Ball

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Read about amazing uses of tennis ball.

Most of the people just consider tennis ball,Guest Posting as useful to play live tennis or children use it to play cricket too. Have you ever thought that a tennis ball can be used for many other purposes instead of games only? Let me tell you some of the incredible uses of tennis balls and some tricks by using a tennis ball.

1.       The chair in my home makes a lot of noise and scratches on floor tiles, when dragged. So I thought to use a tennis ball to solve these problems. I made a hole in the ball, exactly the same diameter as that of chair’s leg and capped all the chair’s feet with tennis balls. The Simple and cheap solution!

2.       The tennis ball is a very good massager as well as a good grip exercising tool. You just need to roll the tennis ball on the muscles where you are feeling the pain or ask your partner to do this favor for you. You will really feel relax. As an exercising tool, you have to grip the ball in hands, squeeze it repeatedly. Perform this exercise daily.

3.       Let me tell you an amazing trick with the help of tennis ball. You can open the car lock with the help of tennis ball. All you need is to make a hole in the tennis ball with the help of a screw driver and then press the ball hard from the backside by placing it on the hole of the lock in the opening direction. There are videos available on YouTube (unlock your car with a tennis ball), but most of the people say that it didn’t work. Try it! Maybe it could be useful for your car.

4.       You can also make many creative things by cutting the tennis ball. You can make tripod stands, pins holder, can use the upper layer of the ball for jewelry products and wallets, make money box by cutting a small slit in it.

5.       Do you know that you can make an attractive tennis greeting card by the help of tennis ball? Write your greeting by cutting the letters from the tennis ball. Or by pasting the small parts from the ball in your own artistic way. If it’s a romantic greeting card, paint the ball red and cut it in a tulip shape and place a wire which could reflect the stem of the flower.

6.       You can use tennis balls to make science models like the solar system model.

7.       You can cute and creative key chains with the help of a tennis ball. All you need is to make neat holes in the ball.

8.       It is a very good toy for cats and dogs. They love playing with a tennis ball.

There are many other amazing uses; you can read over the internet, especially live tennis players can avail the used balls in many effective and imaginative ways.

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