basics of bankroll management for online poker games

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This is just a bisic outline on the concepts behind effencient bankroll management while playing poker many people underestimate the importance of bankroll management however it is the main reason why new players go bust.

 Bankroll Management The Basics

Many new players underestimate the funds that are necessary to play poker for extended time periods. Poker is a volatile game and the chance is that even from only a couple of hours play you would have either won or lost quite a bit already as online games are so fast paced,Guest Posting as a new player I would start to play at very low limits for two reasons one to get a feel for the environment that is internet poker and the second is to minimize losses while you do this, generally new players underestimate the bankroll that is needed to play a certain limit for a sustained periods there are some exceptions to this but for the most part it would be helpful to look at the guide below.

It is not however only new players who suffer from poor bankroll management more experienced players can also fall into the trap as they play at one limit for a couple of weeks and are at a break-even stage or possibly a little bit up on earnings so they then advance to a higher limit with there entire bankroll on the table at once eventually this system will catch up with you causing you to loose all your money.

The reasons for this is that you put strain on your insufficient bankroll and you as a player have to try and change your style to try and become profitable against on the most part stronger players than both your previous limit and yourself this then inadvertently means that emotion is dragged into the game as you run the risk of being too passive at the new limit and can become “gun shy” fearful that you cannot afford to loose while at the same time showing inexperience. To avoid this try and play a limit that is reasonable and one that you can at least break even or not loose to much as the majority of players treat poker as a recreational activity so do not need or want the stress of playing inappropriate limits. I would recommend that to play a limit your bankroll would require 100 big blinds for that limit for example to a play a limit of 10/20 cent you would require a bankroll of $20 and $50 to play at 25/50cent etc.

There is however quick ways to break even or profit from poker by learning basic strategy and adapting a tight/aggressive style by adopting these strategies you should see your game increase at a decent rate allowing you to start making regular profits from poker.

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