Be confident to the future of E-commerce

Mar 26


Arrion king

Arrion king

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Even though E-commerce of luxury goods has encountered some problems, we can not deny the development of whole luxury goods industry. Both us and E-commerce of luxury goods industry should learn from Jeremy Lin. We should learn the spirit of Jeremy Lin who is a popular Asian player. E-commerce companies should learn from Jeremy Lin how to develop and solve their development problems.

Jeremy Lin who is an appealing Asian players as well as a famous new star in the NBA,Be confident to the future of E-commerce Articles is addressed as crazy Lin by us for his fantastic stadium performance, at the same time, his individual commercial value is increasing rapidly. According to the estimation of Forbes magazine, Currently, Jeremy Lin's individual market value has soared to about 14 million US dollars. Recently, domestic enterprises like Jordan, Peak and Li Ning all want to ask Jeremy Lin to advertise for them, meanwhile, all kinds of his endorsement messages are everywhere in the newspaper, even though, Nike invited him in advance. According to reports, Nike and Jeremy Lin have reached an agreement successfully.
All of Jeremy Lin's game equipments now are offered by Nike, so his fans can not wait to find out the same shoes as Jeremy Lin's, putting them on, they hope that they can do as good as their idol in the court. For satisfying the customers and Jeremy Lin's fans also creating opportunities for them to be with their idol directly, china fashion goods sale site introduce the special activities of what is Jeremy Lin's choice and rushing to shop Nike boutique basketball shoes within the stipulated time , not only you can enjoy fifty percent discount at most but also you can make your dream of seeing stars come true. vipstore's official said that making the dream of Jeremy Lin's fans come true and expressing their support for him were not the only reason for the launching of this special activities, more importantly, vipstore wished to encourage everyone to learn the fighting spirit of Jeremy Lin, that was, no matter who are you; no matter what is the color of your hair or skin; no matter what you have encountered physical or in the social life, as long as you do not give up yourself, perk up instead, look for the suitable system for your style, work hard and take advantage of the opportunity, you will be successfully like Jeremy Lin one day.
E-commerce companies especially which provide luxury goods should learn Jeremy Lin's spirit of how to develop. From the end of 2011, luxury e-commerce has met some problems of development. Even though, from the big environment and the demand, we know that luxury e-commerce has now become a vital way for international brands to go into Chinese market. Ereli's research statistics shows us that China's total sales of luxury goods online in 2011 surpasses 10 billion Yuan first which increases of 68.8% over 2010 and will grow at the rate of 30% in the next few years to reach37.24 billion Yuan till 2015. So the space of future development of luxury E-commerce providers is large.
With china's communication and cooperation in the field of culture and economic with more and more countries, people know better about the meaning of luxury brands through various media's reports and introduction, and consumers has changed their pursuit of cheap price into the style and quality.