Five Important Rules for Yoga

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There are five rules to keep when you practice yoga. 

The word “Yoga” drives from Indian Sanskrit “yug” or “yuj” which means harmony and accordance. It is a traditional mental and physical discipline,Guest Posting originated in India, which helps people to develop their potentiality. The essences of yoga lies in attaining mental peace, improving concentration powers, harmony in relationship and a relaxed state of living. Yoga postures are easy to learn and improve their capability in psychology, emotion, spirit and physiology. In recent years, Yoga becomes a popular exercise, especially for women because it has many benefits.

The most important benefit of yoga is physical and mental therapy. Study shows that yoga can reduce the catabolic process of cell deterioration and slow down the aging process because it could keep your body in clean, flexible and well lubricated states. And yoga is a good mental therapy which could influence all system and organs of the body according to medical experts. It is a preventive and curative therapy.

And then, people with high blood pressure, back pain and respiration problem could get many benefits from yoga. For high blood pressure people, yoga could pay a positive role in treatment. Under regular practice of yoga, people with respiration problem could gradually control their breath. In brief, yoga is conducive to people’s health.

But yoga has its own features. You could abide by some rules when you practice yoga. At first, it is the best time to practice yoga. Generally speaking, people practice yoga in the morning, afternoon and at noon. Actually, you could practice yoga all the day if only your stomach is empty. In other words, you shouldn’t practice yoga within three hours after meals. But yogi believes that four to six o’clock in the morning is the best time to practice yoga.

And then, place plays an important role. You’d better to practice yoga in a clean and comfortable room with sufficient space for stretching yourself. Green plants, flowers and soft music can help you to relax nerves. An open area without gale, pollution and strong sunlight is also a great choice to practice yoga.

Third, some props are necessarily. Yoga mat has a cushioning action and help you to keep balance. For beginners, yoga rope, yoga strap, yoga socks, and yoga block are other necessities to practice some difficult postures. By the way, you could purchase a yoga mate on online stores because they usually sell yoga mate with other props. It is easy and convenient for you to prepare for the learning.

Fourth, the cloth should be loose and soft. The cotton material is the best choice. When you practice yoga, you should take off shoes, socks (except for in winter), watch, glass, belt and other accouterments.

Fifth, it isn’t a good habit to practice yoga twenty minutes before and after taking a shower. It could hurt your health and consume your energy if you take a shower before practice yoga. The blood circulation could speed up after take a shower. In this way, it could increase your blood pressure, and add the burden on heart. The best way is taking a cold shower after practice yoga.

Yogic theory and practice increases self-knowledge which is a spiritual sort pertaining to grasp something about the nature. You could get lost in a rush of activities and push of desires after you are at peace, as a being and at rest state. 

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