Golf is All in Your Head

Nov 3


Dr. Nancy B. Irwin

Dr. Nancy B. Irwin

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Wouldn't it be nice to be able to drive a golf ball as easily as you drive a car? To know exactly which direction to go and know that you absolutely h...


Wouldn't it be nice to be able to drive a golf ball as easily as you drive a car? To know exactly which direction to go and know that you absolutely have the power to do so? Well, Golf is All in Your Head Articles actually you CAN do that. And it is really quite simple.  What's the catch, you say?

Well, no catch, but there are three requirements:  You must have an open mind, understand the power of your subconscious, and trust the fact that your golf game is all in your head.

The subconscious mind, which is 88% of our mental capacity, drives all our behavior.   The conscious mind, which is only 12%, houses all our logic, reasoning, decision-making skills, and willpower.  As you can easily see, the bulk of our power comes from our subconscious.  The good news is that this massive storehouse of power is easily manipulated by our conscious mind. The even better news is that we can align both these storehouses so that we have 100% of our power supporting us in attaining our goals. Think of it like this:  the subconscious is a machine…just like your car or your computer.  Both are powerful machines, but they are really just useless heaps of metal without an effective driver or operator.  The conscious mind is the driver, or the “brain” and the subconscious is the “brawn,” which is extremely obedient.  It indiscriminately follows any order it is given, like a willing slave.  Does your car care whether you drive to New York, or Chicago?   Of course not.  So, you have a choice:  you can drive or be driven. You can allow your subconscious to keep driving you the way it has always driven you, or you can take the wheel and command it to drive in a new direction.

The subconscious is a collection of all the experiences, information, and perceptions we have filed away in there for future reference. Left to its own devices, it will continue to drive your behavior with all your deep-seated beliefs like “I’m a handicap golfer” or “I could never be scratch.” The subconscious figures that if you haven’t given it another command, you’re happy with these.   Remember, this is not your intelligence!   So, it is up to you to use your intelligence and reprogram your subconscious with new, powerful, positive beliefs, such as “I’m becoming the golfer I’ve always wanted to be” or “My long drive soars over the green like a bird in flight.” With time and repetition, your subconscious will manifest those statements as reality for you.

Note that the subconscious does not process negatives; it only responds to action words and commands.  Therefore, you must focus on what you DO want, not on what you DON’T want, because your subconscious will deliver whatever it’s told.  Do you want a clean shot into the 9th hole…or into the sand?  It is immaterial to your subconscious mind (and your car and your golf clubs!) if you are a handicap golfer or a scratch. 

A baby enters the world as a completely open conduit of love, acceptance, trust, and joy. Barring any predisposed physiological conditions or addictions, the infant has no desire for self-defeating thoughts or habits.  It never enters the infant’s mind that its every desire cannot be met.  Alas, we learn to lose. We learn to lower our expectations and to sabotage ourselves, and then come to believe that we deserve less or none at all.  A baby has no desire for a cigarette, self-deprecation, or landing a long drive in a lake. 

Look at toddlers.  They fall down 100 times a day.  Do they beat themselves up for it?   Do they assume because of all those falls that they’ll never ever learn to walk?  No!   They never give up focusing on their vision of walking just like all the older people around them do. The good news is that whatever negative habits or beliefs we learned, we can un-learn, and return to that natural infantile state of bliss where all our needs were met.

Top athletes Tiger Woods, Michael Weiss, and Venus Williams, to name just a few, use hypnosis to enhance their focus and their performance, and for very good reasons.  It’s painless, it’s non-invasive, anyone can do it, and it works. A far cry from the “squawk like a chicken or sing like Elvis” stereotypes, hypnosis has been used for centuries, and is fast becoming mainstream as a beneficial therapeutic modality for a variety of issues, including sports improvement.  Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that all of us unconsciously experience daily.  It’s just about as “scary” as having a massage; in fact, hypnosis does for the mind what massage does for the body.  So if you can have a massage or you can go to sleep, you can be hypnotized. 

Human beings are self-healing vessels, and our bodies take us to this necessary state so that our minds and bodies can naturally slow down, decompress, and recharge through sleep. Have you ever gotten in bed, turned out the light, closed your eyes, fell halfway asleep, and then the phone rang? You answered the phone, but didn’t really make sense or even remember it the next day?  You enter the same state when you become engrossed in a book or a movie, and your body begins to experience all the sensations that it would if it were really living the experience.  Ever go to a scary movie and someone brushes your arm and you jump 10 feet?  This is because the subconscious mind cannot discriminate between real or perceived emotions.  We get startled because our bodies believe we are in danger, even though our minds know it is just a movie. This is suggestibility, the state in which hypnosis works. When one is in this highly suggestible state, the subconscious mind is fertile soil for implanting positive, powerful suggestions, which quickly begin to take root and manifest in the waking state. There is absolute gold in the mine of your mind, and rapid change can be effected with whether or not one consciously believes it can or not. 

Understanding this theory of the mind empowers us to access and utilize the enormous power we were born with so that we can be the golfer we want to be, live rich, full lives and attract the ideal mate, create a fulfilling career, earn a dream salary, and free the inner winner.  There is simply no need to live as a hopeless victim of our subconscious. We were born to win, and winning can be our default setting.  Hypnosis is a powerful modality in which we can harness the vast personal power that we ALL innately have.  It has nothing to do with intelligence.   Do you know a naturally brilliant person who can never seem to get out of his/her own way and constantly operates beneath his/her potential? Conversely, do you know someone of average intelligence who is wildly successful and always wins? Perhaps man is not created equal when it comes to inherent intelligence and athletic abilities, but personal power is certainly a level playing field.  Just like we all have the same 24 hours in a day and seven days a week, we all have the ability to plug into our own power source.

To recap:

1.  Focus on the shots/drives/putts you DO want to make, not the ones you DON’T want to make. Jack Nicklaus sums this up perfectly: "I have never hit a shot, not even in practice, without having a very sharp, in-focus picture in my head."  Exactly, Jack!   Focus on your ideal shot, drive, or putt…not on the sand or the lake. Your subconscious is already extremely successful at delivering to you what you’ve told it do. Well, if you are like most golfers, you are concentrating mostly on NOT going in the lake or the sand. If this is the case, then you will certainly continue to go in the lake or the sand.  What we focus on expands.

2.         Watch your language!   Your subconscious is listening and takes you very seriously… and literally. Change statements such as “My swing sucks” to “My swing is getting better and better every day I play.” Just know that your subconscious will manifest either one.  You can drive your golf game (and your mind!) just as easily as you drive your car.

3.                  Acknowledge and celebrate your progress….no matter how small it may seem.   Our subconscious minds love repetition…so keep patting yourself on the back for your growth. This will send the message to your subconscious to keep going in that direction.

For additional help, search the Internet for a certified hypnotherapist in your area. Depending on how fast you change and how much you want to improve your game, expect 4-6 one-hour sessions to shift your game into a high gear and a low score.