Golf Tips – Discover Some Strategies To Help You Lower Your Handicap

Nov 9


Jitender Zaman

Jitender Zaman

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Discover some simple golf tips that can help you to lower your handicap. Learn the best ways to practice as well as some mental game tips to help you play better more consistently.


Lowering your golfing handicap is quite a challenge and this is especially true is you have very limited amounts of time to put into practicing your golf game. However if you do use the small amounts of practice time you do have intelligently then you can still indeed lower your handicap and shoot lower scores without spending a lot of time at the range.

Developing the right swing mechanics is very important if you want to become a better golfer. If you are a beginner then it is a very good idea to get a few basic lessons from a local golf professional. Keep in mind that a perfect swing is not necessary in order to lower your golf scores. Even on the PGA tour the golfers mishit many of their shots however it is their short game that allows them to save par even on holes where their tee shots go offline.

You need to be consistent if you really want to improve in the game of golf. This means that you need to spend a few minutes on a regular basis at least 4 to 5 times a week at the range hitting balls and working on your short game. You do not need to spend hours practicing in fact it can actually be counter productive to spend that much time practicing since you will just wear yourself out. Keep in mind that even though golf is not the most physical sport it still does require energy and concentration on every shot so do not wear yourself out both physically and mentally.

You really do not need to take more than a few lessons just to learn the basics. After that the real learning will start as you practice your game. In fact many golf pros on the PGA tour are totally self taught,Golf Tips – Discover Some Strategies To Help You Lower Your Handicap Articles you can watch one of your favorite golfers and try to copy their swing. The greater amounts of time you spend practicing the more you will discover about how to swing a golf club and better you will get a striking a golf ball. Set some long term targets to help keep you on track as well as to make the game more interesting. For instance you could set a target to lower your handicap by a certain number of shots six months from now.

During every practice session make sure you take some time to chip and hit some flop shots around the greens. These shots can make a huge difference in your golf score so put some effort into mastering them. Hit a variety of different shots around the greens from varying lies and positions and do not forget to hit a few bunker shots too. Hitting wedge shots from inside of 120 yards is a very important skill and is very important to lowering your golf score so make sure you spend a good bit of time working on these kinds of shots.

You do not need to spend a ton of time hitting the driver. Keep in mind that the driver requires the most energy to hit so if you are trying to hit a lot of drives one after the other you are bound to get tired very quickly and if you are tired your performance will suffer. Another important tip to keep in mind is that when you are about to hit the golf ball you need to stay sharply focused on your targets and you must not think about swing mechanics. This is very important when you are out on the course where you must develop the ability to trust your swing no matter where the previous shot went.

Putting is one the most crucial aspects to the game of golf and shooting lower scores but you need to keep in mind that it is really a mental game more than anything else. You need to pick a putting approach you feel comfortable with and stick with it. There is no such thing as a perfect stroke so do not get caught up in chasing it. Instead focus on building and maintaining your confidence as this is the key to great putting. You have to believe that you will sink the putt each time you step over the ball and are ready to hit it. Be consistent with your practice routines, believe in yourself and there is no reason you cannot shoot lower golf scores.

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