Hypnosis for Sports Improvement

Oct 4


Peter James Field

Peter James Field

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Sports hypnotherapy has a long and honourable history, with hypnosis for sports being used by many top rank athletes and teams. Here, a leading British hypnotherapist talks about the many advantages of sports hypnosis.


These days,Hypnosis for Sports Improvement Articles the world of top level sport is so competitive that athletes' mental coaches regularly employ hypnosis conditioning as part of their training strategy

Through its unique ability to harness the power of the subconscious mind, hypnosis is able to assist the sports person in achieving some really amazing results.

In the world of modern competitive sports, where national pride and huge sums of money are often at stake, it just makes sense that the sports person is able to utilise every legal means in order to obtain real results.

Indeed, hypnosis has a very long history in connection with sports of all kinds.

For years, the Soviet Olympic team used it in order to give them the edge, and because of their success, it didn't take long for other teams to rapidly incorporate hypnosis into their own elite athlete training with impressive results.

Nowhere are results more important than in the field of competitive sports. Any strategy or approach that fails to produce champion results is quickly discarded, while those that do show themselves to have real value are rapidly incorporated into training.

The list of positive advantages that sports men and women gain from incorporating hypnosis into their training is varied and long. Benefits include enabling the athlete to remain calm under pressure, maintain focus and eliminate distractions, improve mental stamina and increase endurance, ease pre-competition nerves, as well as improve the athlete's attitude and motivation.

Often, the mental coach or sports person will use terms such as 'creative visualization' or 'entering the zone'. In essence, what this means is that the sports person is able to access and work directly with their subconscious -- that driver of abilities and the powerhouse of beliefs, in order to properly program it for accomplishment and success.

Since he was very young, champion golfer Tiger Woods, for example, has used hypnosis on a regular basis. His mental coach and family friend, Jay Brunza introduced the golfer to this powerful tool when Woods was just thirteen years old.

States Woods: 'We worked on a way to visualize the target and pull it back into my hands and body and let my subconscious react. That's what's best for me.' So successful was this strategy that: 'It is inherent in what I do now', states Woods.

In the UK, WBC Heavyweight Champion Frank Bruno and WBC Super Middleweight Champion Nigel Benn both employed hypnosis in order to perform at their peak.

In his 1996 WBO Super Middleweight title fight, Chris Eubank was defeated by Steve Collins who attributed much of the victory to the fact that he had used hypnosis in his mental preparation for the fight.

Collins had worked with former champion bodybuilder Tony Quinn and was hypnotically programmed to deliver two punches for every one thrown by his competitor. In the fight, Eubank threw 300 punches, compared to over 600 from Collins.

But you don't need to be a professional athlete or sportsperson in order to harness the wonderful power of hypnosis. You too can learn to use it to enhance your game, allowing you to fully enjoy yourself and the results you get from your sporting hobby.

If you want to be at the top of your game, it makes sense to seek out a properly qualified hypnotherapist, someone who has both interest in and experience of working in the field of sports hypnosis.

Do that and you too can put yourself into 'the zone' and become even more of a winner!

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