NBA Power Rankings: Nov 8

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TEAMThis WeekLast ... games into the season, and Artest is ... foul free! ... at their ... they may not lose at all in ... ke

TEAMThis WeekLast WeekRecordComments
Pacers123-03 games into the season,Guest Posting and Artest is technical foul free!
Suns243-0Looking at their schedule, they may not lose at all in November
Mavericks373-0They keep scoring, and Dampier adds enough D to keep giving them the W
Pistons412-1If you watched the first Quarter against the Raptors, you knew that the Pistons are a MUCH better team.
Jazz5133-0Boozer trying to show that he is the real deal. Will maintain top 5 if they can get more boards from their Center spot
Heat693-0Only out of top 5 because Shaq is not playing at 100%. Wade has responded as expected, by provided fantastic numbers.
Timberwolves762-1Only loss was to a Nugget team that is better than their record
Spurs832-1Caught with their pants down against the Sonics.
Raptors9293-0Bottom line, they beat the Pistons. That being said, they are playing so far over their heads that they are bound to drown...and soon.
Rockets1082-2Ming and T-Mac still haven't figured out how to play together yet. Once they do, they will move up fast
TrailBlazers11172-1So far, only loss to a Raptor team playing terrific ball
Magic12232-1Need to rebound after losing to Charlotte
Wizards13242-1These calls are holding their own with 2 projected starters out of the line up
Lakers14112-2Expect more .500 ball from these guys
Nuggets15101-2'Melo trying to avoid the sophomore jinx
Clippers16192-1Games against the Pistons and Pacers may drop these games further into the bottom half
Kings1750-3After losing to 3 quality teams, they should be ranked higher. But we want them win a little first.
Celtics18141-2Have their found their game after the loopsided victory against New York?
Bucks19201-1Expect the Bucks to maintain average.
76ers20181-2Philly needs more than 1 answer for this test
SuperSonics21262-1Sorry, still don't believe you.
Grizzlies22120-3Next 4 games should determine what kind of team we have here
Caveliers23210-3Still think Gooden is a better fit than Boozer?
Bobcats24301-1Bobcats beat another perennial expansion team, Orlando!
Knicks25150-2The Celtics destroyed these guys
Nets26281-2When 'Zo goes, so too will his Kidd.
Bulls27250-2If Hinrich got assists for his turnovers, he would be leading the league right now
Hornets28220-3Great Scott! After leading the Nets to the NBA finals a couple of years ago, Byron just can't get a break!
Warriors29160-3I thought white guys were supposed to be able to shoot.
Hawks30270-3They have hope for the future...distant...future.

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