SuperGirl is no more

May 19


Gary Whittaker

Gary Whittaker

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TEN has decided it was time to weigh in on the Schiavo case. It seems that much ado is being about nothing, but in this case, nothing appears to be Terri Shiavo’s mental ... Doctors are divided


TEN has decided it was time to weigh in on the Schiavo case. It seems that much ado is being about nothing,SuperGirl is no more Articles but in this case, nothing appears to be Terri Shiavo’s mental capacity. Doctors are divided on how serious her condition really is, but we can at least all agree that Terri will never have again led a normal, healthy life. At best, with extensive medical treatment and proper care-taking, Terri’s condition would make Christopher Reeve’s look like a summer cold. In fact, out of all the comments, public opinion polls, and a revolving door of pulpit politicians, not one has actually come out to continue Superman’s legacy. We mourned his passing, commented on how much we proved that the disabled had a voice, had a chance, yet we have forgotten the lessons he courageously proved to us.

That being said, let’s not sugar-coat anymore what is actually happening. Terri Shiavo is being legally murdered. Think I am being too harsh? Terri is not a vegetable. She was able to maintain limited awareness while never have anything more than limited care. Her husband and legal guardian want to abide by her wishes when she was a normal young woman. What young person ever seriously thinks about how they want to be treated if ever such a tragedy would befall them? Almost every single hearlthy person has made a comment in their life after seeing a disabled person of, “Well you can just kill me if that ever happens”. I am sure many people have said the same thing looking at Terri Shiavo’s case themselves.

That, however, does not give anyone the right to actually take your life away should it happen. I do not fault the husband, as some Republicans have, for his decision to want to end her life. I have to take the benefit of the doubt and assume he honestly believes his wife would want to die even now. I do not fault the husband, as they family has done, for moving on with his life, getting married and having kids. But he has let go. He has moved on. Terri’s parent’s have not. They are willing to care for Terri. She does have a chance to improve her conditions and quality of life. That is a right that any human being has. No man, court or government has a right to take that away, especially for those who do not have a voice. This position of removing her feeding tube so that she can starve to death over a period of weeks is the most cowardly court supported decision I have seen in years. If you want to condemn her to death, then at least do it with mercy and kill her more humanely. Instead, we have a list of 21 Senators who would rather not face the issue head on, but instead agree to this barbaric treatment of a human being.

Voted to remove the feeding tube

J.D. Alexander (R)
Nancy Argenziano (R)
Dave Aronberg
Mike Bennet (R)
Larsenia Bullard
Skip Campbell
Lisa Carlton (R)
Paula Dockery (R)
Steven Geller
Tony Hill
Dennis Jones (R)
Jim King (R)
Ron Klein
Evelyn Lynn (R)
Gwen Margolis
Les Miller
Nan Rich
Burt Saunders (R)
Gary Siplin
Rod Smith
Frederica Wilson

We must never forget that these Senators have chosen the path of least resistance, despite it’s cruel nature. They have sanctioned a crime against human rights. When she passes, she will have earned her spot right next to Christopher Reeve as someone taken from us too soon. While she may not have been able to verbally communicate her wishes, she has stayed alive for over 15 years in her conditions, fought off serious infections, do not recisitate orders and sub-par medical care. While she may not have been an activist, she has proven that she is a survivor, and worthy to be our super girl.

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