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If you decide to run with socks, you must choose to wear cotton fabrics socks or wool fabrics socks. Nylon shorts are your best friend when it is very hot. When to put on your sweatpants? If it turns under seven degrees or it is a strong windy day, or your sweatpants are unneeded.

If you decide to run with socks,Guest Posting you must choose to wear cotton fabrics socks or wool fabrics socks. A lot of runners think that wearing nylon socks to run would broken your skin. If you want to minimize the weight of your feet, the best choice is to wear a pair of cotton fabric tennis socks.

Shorts which in the burning hot days, you'd better wear nylon shorts with side opening. The shorts which mentioned about are light and pleasantly cool, and if you damp them, they can dry themselves fast. In the delightfully cool days which are not too cold to put on trousers, the shorts which are made of cotton fabrics can be warm. But, the way I see it is that compared with nylon shorts, the cotton fabrics shorts are hard and too thick. By the way, there is also some runners sew a three square inch pocket in front of their shorts to put candy, paper and some other things for short.

Trousers appear when you feel really cold outside the door, also it is time to dress more clothe to keep your leg warm. However, after you see the temperature is so low that is it turns so cold, you will feel so surprise and that is the time you need to dress trousers to replace shorts. Not until it almost reaches zero point; I still put on my shorts to run. At that time when I was running, a black tight short is inside of my cotton fabric shorts. This kind of tight shorts can help you to protect wind blowing into your cloth and also it can help keep warm, besides the color of the short---black can absorbs more sunshine in the open air. This is a good idea that you do not need to put on your sweatpants unless it blows too strong or the temperature falls below 7 degrees Celsius (20 degrees Fahrenheit) . Trousers are too weight and clumsy to dress on, usually they weigh down for their weight. For these things, there is no good on the treadmill, especially when you are sweating. Only at the site of the temperature falls blow seven degrees Celsius, you have no choice but to dress on the trousers. Actually, I have never taken the trousers out of the drawer.

The questions on jockstrap. If you are woman, you do not need to bother about it. But if you are man, you should put on the jockstrap or protective shorts. If you are male, the protective shorts are a good choice. If you did not get any benefit from the protective shorts, you can try on the protection under your body as a substitution. If you have decided to use the jockstrap, you should have a good decision on the belt, the narrower the better, for the wide belt curl easily. One inch is the right size for the belt. Besides, you can choose the material of the belt as nylon, for you can get more benefit from nylon, for nylon dries faster than cotton.

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