Player Statements Recorded from the Pakistani

Jan 13




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Statements from Pakistani players Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir have been submitted today in Doha.


Cricket news resources having proximity with International Cricket Council have predicted that Butt and Asif are prone to bear heavy charges while ban on Amir may be eradicated

Different stances have been taken by the players on the no-ball issue raised in a match against England. The no-ball are claimed as no conscious mistakes but are stated as mere errors in bowling.

Butt and Asif who are the senior players are expected to be banned for a 3-5 years period and some heavy financial charges. Amir however,Player Statements Recorded from the Pakistani Articles may be advantaged due to less age and experience.

If any of the cricketers is not found guilty, there are chances of him being considered for World Cup. This is due to the fact that Pakistan Cricket Board has yet to announce the final World Cup squad, which probably is relevant to this decision.

Cricket betting experts would be interested to see if Amir is included in the preliminary squad before World Cup team is announced. The hearing is going to proceed for a few more days and important names like Waqar Younis and Shahid Afridi are likely to appear before the tribunal.

The News of the World journalist, Mazhar Mahmood is also to appear in the court, who is the one responsible to break the story. He has to come up with a lot of evidence to prove the charges against the cricketers.

Players are currently residing in Doha and arrived at different times. Asif spent more time talking and discussing issues with his lawyer while the two other players left after hearing.

Amir is waiting for a chance to enter the World Cup squad while Asif and Butt tend to minimize the penalty, which is going to be a career defining issue for the cricketers. There have been many rumors on this issue in the cricket news, but final word is yet to be decided after the final verdict. Cricket betting would also be influenced by this decision.

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