SURFS UP! Surfing as a Sport and as a Lifestyle

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There is only one ... activity that is ... with the sand, the waves and the summer sun: ... has been ... into a sport in recent years, but for i

There is only one recreational activity that is synonymous with the sand,Guest Posting the waves and the summer sun: surfing.   

Surfing has been organized into a sport in recent years, but for its enthusiasts, surfing is more than just that.  It?s a passion as well as a lifestyle.  Many surfers travel thousands of miles just to experience the best surfing spots the world has to offer.  This has become their joy and their creed, to live life the way they would surf the ocean?s currents. 

Surfing originated from the locals ofHawaii and Polynesia.  Early western explorers were amazed at the natives? uncanny skills of riding the waves with makeshift boards.   

When Hawaii started developing its territory into a tourist destination during the earlier years of the recent century, surfing became a focal point of its promotions plan.  Quickly, the sport spread like wildfire throughout the world. 

Surfing during its early years used wooden boards that were 8 to 10 feet long and 24 inches thick.  They were very difficult to maneuver for people who have just discovered the craft.  But new materials such as balsa wood, fiberglass, and polyurethane revolutionized board design and manufacture in the 1940?s, and surfing became more accessible for beginners regardless of gender.  These new generation surfing boards were called Malibus, as they were named after the California beach where they were introduced. 

Malibus were very portable, and they contributed to the popularization of surfing as a lifestyle.  Surfing started creating a subculture of its own in the 1950?s, complete with its own lingo, fashion style, philosophies, personalities and music.  Today, surfing references abound in popular culture like movies, book, television shows and the likes. 

Numerous surfing competitions are held every year.  The sport itself has become a profession for some participants.  And they have carved their own fame in the surfing world as well, as spokespersons for the sport in commercial endorsements and information campaigns. 

The beauty of surfing lies in the fact that the feel of the board below your feet and being able to traverse the waters with such velocity and grace are incomparable experiences.  Most surfers profess that surfing is an addictive activity.  Once you try surfing, you?ll keep coming back for more! 

And anyone can learn how to surf, given the right instructor.  Surfing enthusiasts are always willing to share their passion with anyone who is interested with the same.  With so many people in love with surfing, finding a good teacher wouldn?t be a problem.

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