Tips to Wash Soccer Uniforms

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Read about the tips to wash soccer uniforms.

Washing uniforms roughly can cause fading of colors,Guest Posting loose in fitting, dingy and graceless cloth. This causes a negative effect on the personality of the live soccer player. To avoid all such things and bad impressions, you need to learn some important tips of washing uniforms, so here are the tips for washing soccer uniforms:

1.        Whenever you are going to wash your uniform for the first time, always check what the tag says! Most of the time, you will find instructions on it, for washing. Perhaps the cloth should not be washed in washing machine or it should be washed with warm water only or dry clean only. So this is a must thing before washing.

2.        Sweating is obvious if you are talking about a live soccer player, so before washing it, first you must rub the sweat stains in detergent water and leave it for 10-20 minutes. After that wash your uniform thoroughly. You can also try salt and lemon.

3.        If the uniform’s cloth can support machine washing, then you must turn the inside out to avoid any kind of damage to the logos or numbers. Don’t wash the uniforms in hot water; only cold or warm water wash.

4.        Do not place your dirty uniforms on side so that those may be washed after a week or month. In this way the dirt and stains will be absorbed by the threads of the cloth and you will not get fresh and clean uniform even after washing.

5.        Always check out the stuff before ironing the uniform, because high heat may burn the cloth or may damage the logo. Avoid ironing the logos, but if necessary the iron should not be extremely hot.

6.        Never use a harsh washing powder, it will weaken the fabric of your uniform and as a result your uniform will be destroyed soon. Same is the problem with bleach. It can cause fading of collars, logos and the whole fabric of the uniform even.

7.        Don’t dry your uniforms in bright sunlight. Use driers, but not heating driers and then let the uniforms dry under the shade in airy place.

8.         To treat tough stains there are many effective solutions and ideas are available on the internet. Follow the most appropriate on the bases of cloth type, stain material and color of your fabric. Do try to remove stain from the backside of the uniform. You will see better results.

9.        You can also use lemon or vinegar to restore the brightness of your soccer uniforms, but again if your cloth is light and weak, use a very little amount of these ingredients.

10.    You can also use a good cloth softener for the uniforms, but avoid those that can be harsh on the fabric.

These are some of the basic tips which should be kept in mind. This is actually a way to care for your soccer uniforms efficiently and to save money. 

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