Tired of fumbling with your rod and reel?

Dec 23


Steven Magill

Steven Magill

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More than 2,000 years ago, fishermen noticed insects that were eaten by the fish near the water's surface. They fashioned rough imitations of those insects on primitive hooks and began catching fish. That was the beginning of a sport.


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Fly Fishing is not just for the people who watched "A River Runs Through It" too many times while they were growing up. Nor is it just for people who live near rivers and like to wear boots that go all the way up their thighs. Fly fishing is a sport that is constantly growing in popularity for,Tired of fumbling with your rod and reel? Articles well everyone! Of course, there is more to fly fishing than the neat fly fishing gear. The sport involves a lot of skill.

Of course, having the right fly fishing gear isn't a bad way to start out.

If you are new to fly fishing, getting all of the right fly fishing gear together can be something of an expensive endeavor. It can also be confusing because there is a wide variety of a product available within each of the major fly fishing gear categories. Here is the basic run down on what you will need. You will need a fly rod, a fly reel, fly lines, fishing waders, fishing vests, wading boots and a fly tying kit. You might also need some kind of floatation device like a pontoon boat, float tube or inflatable kayak (or raft).

The fly rod is one of the most important pieces of fly fishing gear. A fly rod is needed for casting, line control and for striking and landing fish.

The fly reel is for holding the fly line. It is important that you don't simply settle for the cheapest fly reel you find. The fly reel is what you will use to get the fly line out into the water in a non-tangled and smooth fashion.

The fly lines are vital to the success of your fly fishing trip. There is a wide variety of fly line available on the current fly fishing market. Before buying your fly line, make sure you do some reading. You will need to know what kind of measurement and weight, what kind of taper, how dense and what color of fly line you want. It is important that you match the fly line to the fly reel.

Fishing waders and boots are crucial for people who go fly fishing in cold water, cold weather or who want to be able to wade out into the lake or river in which they are fishing. The fishing waders are what keep the fly fisherperson warm and dry. Of course, if you are only going to be going fly fishing in warm water and weather, you might find that you don't need fishing waders. You will probably still like having the fishing boots though.

Fishing Vests are more than a clothing item; they also act as a sort of storage box for fly fisherpeople. It is the fishing vest that stores the lines, flies, leaders and dressings.

Fly tying kits are essential for people who are just learning to fly fish. The fly tying kit will help the novice fly fisherperson learn to tie the flies in beginning patterns.