Top Sports Team Management Tools

Dec 11


Robinson M

Robinson M

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Sports team management is a responsibility for every coach, parent, school, college or universities to manage their teams communication, scheduling, availability.


Sport Team management - the ability of individual or organization to coordinate a group of individuals or teams to perform a task. Team management involves players teamwork,Top Sports Team Management Tools Articles communication within players. While leading sports team, the managers plays a vital role in balancing the players, coaches needs.

How are you managing your teams? Is there any way to save the time and smart way to communicate with the team? Yes there are some tools which can be easily helpful in managing team. The following is a list of the top 10 sports team management tools which will be helpful for coaches to maintain or manage their team members activities.



TeamSnap is every coach’s and parent's dream – an easy to use tool for organizing and communicating every aspect of team life. They provide schedules, practices, equipment and volunteers, attendance, payments and statistics, plus post photos and files and communicate with easy team messaging,providing up-to-the-second info on where everyone needs to be and what they need to bring.

Nine million coaches, parents, team managers and players use TeamSnap's web and mobile apps to save their sanity and stay in the know through email, text and instant alerts.



Korrio’s platform is an online management tool offering administrators, coaches, players, sports clubs, teams, fans and busy families a solution for managing all aspects of club and team operations from one place and provides one integrated system that meets the needs of all.

Korrio includes registration, payment, team formation, compliance, rostering, communication, scheduling, social networking and web hosting. It is the place to manage sports life - the necessary glue that pulls all together. It’s all there in one place.



Teamstuff is an all free and easy to use web and mobile solution to manage you or your kid’s sports team. Coaches and managers can save time and money with teamstuff’s built in team based communications utilising email and push notification messaging.

Teamstuff is the better place to make sport and team based software. Make something useful , easy and pleasure to use by coaches, managers, players, parents.

With you can manage your season calendar, school records, athlete roster, meet entries, meet results and much more. Storing and sharing your team's information has never been so easy.

Athletes and Parents can easily look up for results, stalk their competition, or check their entries status for an upcoming meet. Also stay up-to-date on travel times, event start times, and any important meet details provided by the hosting team.


Active Sports

Active Sports is an online Sports Management Software. Provides easily manage players registration, convenient and secure for parents, and a lot less work. Simplifies League Management by automating and consolidating player accounts, volunteers, scheduling, rosters, reporting, communications, and more in one online system.

Active sports saves time, reduce admin work, and get more players in program with the easiest, yet most advanced online sports registration software and management solutions.



Thapos is new kid on the block in the sports team management area. Along with team management, Thapos allows athletes to track their progress and manage their profile.

Thapos allows athletes and parents to access team schedules and communicate with team members and coaches. Coaches can create teams by inviting team members and then schedule matches, practice and even assign homework to team members.



SportEasy is the most comprehensive app to communicate with the team and organize games and practices, whatever the sport. Saves time in sending reminders to players also make sure players have a full roster on game day. Create an archive of all team's best memories: detailed stats, dramatic wins, legendary players...

SportEasy offers a web and mobile application for all amateur sports teams. The app helps coaches get their team organized, and players share their passion and communicate with their teammates.



RosterBot is a web based athletic team management application. It serves to organize teams of any sport by polling each player to see if they're coming to the next event and then showing coaches and other members the results, along with some other relevant information, such as player profiles, calendars, and locations.

RosterBot provides team’s most important information like when, where and who else is coming to the next game is available anywhere, anytime and provides the tools to make the organization, enumeration, and conversation around team and community events more efficient and pleasurable for people (and robots) of all ages.



Teamstuff is the smart way to communicate with the teams. Allows schedules to quickly and easily add, manage and view games and training info. Able to manage team's performance with Teamstuff essential toolkit for coaches.

Teamstuff helps coaches and managers to easily schedule games and training, manage attendance, duties and more, while players and parents will love the clear game info with duties, maps and schedules at their fingertips. Connecting teams wherever they are via web and mobile, Teamstuff is free, intuitive and easy to use.



AthleteTrax provides an athletic league and team management platform, whether you’re a facility, league, team, camp — anything you’re doing within the recreational sports space. Provides a central hub for all the activity that organization is taking care of, so everything ranging from building a custom mobile website, to branded registration pages with online payment collection, and managing their members.

AthleteTrax reduces the headaches and hassle of organizing and running an athletic league, team or camp at any level.



Teamer is a completely FREE sports team management app that takes the hassle out of organising any sports team, club or group. Teamer is a sports social platform that allows sports teams to communicate and engage with each other over the course of their sports season.