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What does the phrase - 'Transfer rumours' mean? A phrase that was invented for the sole purpose of one popular sport - English football.

In football,Guest Posting transfer is considered the action of moving the player from one club to another. The players can be transferred to a different club only during a specific period of time, which is called “a transfer window”. The end of the transfer window is known as “deadline day”, which is usually the busiest day of the whole period. This system has been used in European leagues and was made obligatory during the season of 2002-2003. Set of rules regarding the transfer window is set by the football governing body.

A footballer can leave a certain club only if the club agrees to terminate the contract with the footballer. The club to whom the player is transferred usually pays what is called the “transfer fee”, a sum of money paid as compensation. A part of the transfer fee is usually paid to the player and the agents involved. Transfer may also include free transfer, which is a release of player once his contract is expired or available before the contract ends. In a free transfer, the team doesn’t have to pay compensations for the release of the player. A transfer for a nominal fee is also sometimes considered a free transfer. Transfer rumours news and transfer rumours articles are published in fan magazines and always present “hot topics”.

Transfer rumours gossip is a major part of sports news in journals and TV-programs about different branches of sports. Transfer rumours news may include rejection of new contracts, extension of existing contracts, different scandals involving sign-up of new contracts, and many other transfer events.

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