Why to Buy a Custom Designer Headboard

May 31


Peter Jenny

Peter Jenny

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There are many reasons to upgrade to a custom designer headboard. The following are just a few of them.



Most headboards nowadays are handmade,Why to Buy a Custom Designer Headboard Articles making them more reliable and durable than factory made varieties. Generally speaking, handmade items are given more attention to detail.

Easy Installation

Installing your own headboard is now simpler than ever. When it comes to installation there are a few options available. Most headboards will fit directly onto your existing bed frame with the use of bolts, but it is also possible to have free-standing and wall-mounted headboards, which offer their own advantages. Wall-mounted headboards are particularly popular as they free up floor space and give the room a nice, contemporary feel.

The Latest Trends

The style and shape of headboards is changing all the time and is largely governed by current fashion trends. At the moment there is large demand for contemporary style headboards, which employ a sharp, minimalistic design, but many are also beginning to feel nostalgia for vintage design. A custom headboard allows you to choose either, and even combine them in a single design.

Range of Fabrics

The number of fabrics now available is incredible, and will allow you to give your headboard that all important finishing touch (quite literally). Chenille is a highly textured material with a fine iridescent sheen, and makes for an exciting visual finish. Damask is a classic material with overtones of luxury and wealth, perfect for period interiors or for adding vintage flare to a modern apartment. But you can't go wrong with a classic faux suede or faux leather finish, both of which are highly versatile and will suite a range of interiors.

Fantastic Designs

The days of having a standard, rectangular shaped headboard are long gone. Modern headboards are much more exciting and range anywhere from sharp, angular designs, to sumptuous curves. Pick a design you feel complements your bedroom or one that reflects your personality.

Extensive Colour Range

The colour palette available for headboards is enormous, and you will have great fun and enjoyment choosing one that suits you. Colours generally range from earthy browns and greens, to pastels and then vibrant colours at the opposite end. Colours don't necessarily need to match. If you want to create a "stand out" look inside your bedroom, try contrasting yourheadboards with the existing colour scheme.

Quick Delivery

Finally, you won't be waiting long on the delivery of your headboard. Within 10 days of purchase you will receive a knock at your door, and your brand new headboard, just as you dreamt it, will be standing there staring at you.

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