Why You Should Bother With Snowboarding Goggles

Jul 19


Jeff Cooper

Jeff Cooper

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Wearing snowboarding goggles is really necessary when you're into this type of sport. You are exposed to the sun's rays, to snow or tree branches especially when you're into a tremendous speed down the slopes. Wearing the right snowboarding goggles is your main concern to prevent the happening of untoward incidents when you do perform your hobby.


Do you love snowboarding? Do you enjoy the feel of speeding down the slopes? Then you should know that a good pair of snowboarding goggles affects your performance as well as your safety. Goggles are among the things snowboarders shouldn't be without. When snowboarders hit the slopes,Why You Should Bother With Snowboarding Goggles Articles their eyes would be vulnerable to the sun's harmful rays, snow, and even tree branches that would hit their faces when they veer off the course. The goggles you choose should not only look good. They should have the features that best protect your eyes.

Why should you bother with snowboarding goggles? Snowboarding goggles are especially made for the lovers of the sport to protect their eyes from ultraviolet rays or UV rays from the sun. UV rays damage your eyes, causing photokeratitis or sunburn of the cornea, cataracts, and other eye defects. The glare from the sun that gets reflected from the snow also obscures your vision, and you could trip over an uneven terrain because of that. Snowboarding goggles also serve as barrier from snow, wind, ice, rocks, and even branches that hit your face when you veer off course.

What do you do to find the right pair of snowboarding goggles? Do not buy goggles that don't offer ultraviolet protection. The main purpose of goggles is to protect your eyes from the damaging UV. If the goggles defeat its purpose, then it is baseless to purchase them. It is best if the lenses of the goggles are polarized.

Select goggles with wide external view. Snowboarders travel at high speed and it is therefore important that they are able to quickly identify uneven terrain, rocks or trees, and other snowboarders that get in the way.

Make sure to put on a pair of snowboarding goggles with a comfortable fit. Try the goggles with a helmet before hitting the slopes.

Choose goggles that reduce fogging so that your vision stays clear. These goggles have double layer lens.

Select goggles with interchangeable lenses. This way you won't have to buy several goggles to serve different weather conditions.

These are the things you should consider before buying goggles:

- If you wear eyeglasses, make sure your goggles fit over the glasses. Haber Vision's snowboarding goggles have this attributes .

- Most ski or snowboard shops don't have goggle replacement lens. It will take you time to find any replacement.

How do you know which color of the lens to wear during a particular weather?

Wear light colored snowboarding goggles to have better distinctions during overcast conditions. Yellow lenses are advisable.

Wear darker shades like purple during a bright, sunny day to minimize eye strain. The sun's glare will make it hard for you to get a clear view of where you are heading.

Where do you go to get the best deals in snowboarding goggles? The best place to find cheaper snowboarding goggles is online. You may verify at websites of manufacturers or sellers of this product and see if they offer discounts.