5 key features of a perfect website design

Sep 12


Santosh Miller

Santosh Miller

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Having a good design website is very important, Know the most 5 key features which you have to maintain always while building a perfect website.


Have you ever wondered why it is necessary to make the perfect design for a website? And how does one measure whether a website is properly designed or not?

To qualify as a well-designed website or a website that scores on most parameters,5 key features of a perfect website design  Articles no matter which website is or what kind of business. there are some features to build a perfect website, here, I will explain to you the five major features, from that you can assess if a particular website is well designed or not.

Layout and Color Scheme

It is the first part of building or designing a website. The layout maintains the overall look of a website. When A user is visiting any website then the first impression they have of the website determines to a large extent on how much time they will spend your website or they will leave. A layout is measuring the entire process of web page look and its overall appeal to visitors.
The style guide and color palette then play a role in determining whether the visitors will read the web page content or hop off. It's about making life easier for web visitors and giving them various options to explore the website. For example, if you want to add a link (anchor text) to another page for any word or phrase, then you should mention in color because the reader understands it is a link with another page.

Website Content

Content is a major contributor to almost perfect website design. When someone visits any website to get their information, most of them landed on the page with the help of or by using a search engine platform. So better the ability to deliver fast and reliable content, the more will be the volume of visitors will be visiting your website. Authentic, fresh and high-quality content has the capability to reach your target audience based on search engine ranking or other platforms.
Suppose, if someone visits a particular website but do not find the relevant information about what they want or your website content is not reliable to convert them as your customers then they will simply leave. To make a website perfect needs quality content including text, images, videos, etc.

User-Friendly Websites

In a website, it's important that all the pages structure should have clear navigation where each and every visitor can go through any other pages without any issues. Providing clear information in such a manner that allows visitors to quickly find the information they are searching for along with an easy to understand pattern and layout of the website, goes a long way in collecting brownie points and regular visitors who then become a customer at some point in time.

To make user-friendly websites it is imperative to bear in mind that the website should be accessible on every device like desktop, laptop, mobile, etc. A mobile responsive nowadays is almost a taken for granted in that sense.

Web Page Speed

Web visitors don't have the patience to hold on while a website is taking its own sweet time to load. If a website taking too much time to open then it's very likely visitors will move from your website. And your entire website quality content, well-designed graphics, high-resolution images, the video will be in vain.
To make your web page loading faster there are several factors like your website server configuration, high graphics, website coding, files, video, etc. These all you must be maintain and control to achieve the balance between the download speed and quality of visuals. Also, it helps to factor in that sometimes while on the go, a website visitor might not be able to access high speed and hence designing with keeping such practical constraints and situations in mind helps.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the pillars of almost perfect and well-visited website design. All the effort and creativity will be of not much value if the website is not attracting visitors. The sure shot way to do that is to have a well-optimized search. Good website design needs to set up meta title, description, URL for each page which will appear on the search engine result page to attract more visitors. Search engine optimization is attracting visitors when they are entering the search box with search keywords. The whole website gains to get more and more visitors once the web pages are ranking well on the search result page.

If you want to build a successful website then an easy web design software is the right option for you, which enable you to create aesthetically pleasing designs, but also make the website climb up search results significantly, and view the live stats of visitors.