Augmented Reality to Create a Virtual Workspace for Financial Traders and Analysts

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The new innovation makes existing financial trading workspace seem primitive.

If you are diligently following current trends,Guest Posting especially over the last two years, the impact of Augmented Reality on today’s businesses and the way it is driving the market is hard to miss.

First, the AR took the retail world by storm, then the healthcare, and now it has entered Fintech – adding a new dimension to the way financial trading and analysis is done. Fintech, as we know, is one of the few industries which still relies on legacy systems. And Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) has completely changed that equation.

The AR/MR technology has enabled experts to build a virtual workspace, which the financial traders and analysts could have only conceived in their wildest imagination, making the existing method seem neanderthal.

Part of the credit for this brilliant innovation goes to Microsoft’s Mixed Reality glasses - HoloLens, for this new innovation will change the way financial trading and analysis is done for years to come.

How does it work

By wearing HoloLens glasses, users can create holographic virtual 3D elements (of trading guides, stock market details, histories, charts, grids, performance wavelengths etc.) and overlay it on real environment (it could be on their desk or anywhere). These virtual elements can be controlled or manipulated through hand and voice gestures.

One can open, close, drag, drop or operate applications merely by gesturing their hands in the air, or through voice command.

Not merely a 3D representation, it goes beyond that

So, is it just seeing financial analysis charts in three dimension? Yes, but the technology offers much more than that.

Analysts can now view holographs of financial data in a 3D landscape, and it also equips them with new heatmaps which can help reveal revolutionary new data insights. The users will no longer be restricted to their computer screens, instead the AR/MR headsets will give them an unprecedented 360 degree view with unlimited apps at their disposal.

The users can perform several tasks – like overlaying their 3D trade analysis landscape over real environment, operating their computers or smartphones, share data, speak to a physical person and participate in a video conferencing, all at the same time.

Since the data is in a virtual form, it can remain more private – invisible to prying eyes!

The created data can be transferred to laptops, and a special feature called Spectator View enables others to view on 2D screen what the HoloLens user sees in the virtual glasses.

The world is a small place with these glasses. The users can invite clients from anywhere in the world to participate in virtual video conferencing to interact, share views and reports regarding financial trading, all in real-time.

How can financial traders and analysts benefit

  • The intuitive AR interface makes it easy for users to view, analyze and control large volume of complex data
  • Gives analysts quick access to historical data of stock, trading, and extensive details about companies where they can do tick-market replay and back-testing at the same time keeping an eye on the current market activity.
  • Analysts around the world can collaborate and analyze financial data through video conferencing
  • Offers true, life-size, 360 degree virtual workspace
  • 3D representation of financial analysis leads to improved productivity and quick data-driven decision-making
  • It’s a virtual repository, which can be quickly accessed and shared anytime, anywhere

The technology behind it

Unity, a highly flexible editor allows users to move the software from one wearable hardware to another.

This Augmented/Mixed Reality-based trading and market analysis is built on a solution called dxFeed – one of the world’s biggest cloud-based, fully-managed, data ticker plants specifically designed for Capital Market industry.

The dxFeed employs a unique technology called QD (developed by Devexperts) to perform market data distribution function.

Top companies have been quick in grasping the significance of Augmented Reality-based trading. A year ago, before the HoloLens hit the market Citigroup was already gearing up to bring the technology into its stock trading division.

One side, industries are lining up eagerly to tap the potential of this technology, while on the other there is a sharp increase in investors, raising millions of dollars, to leverage this soon to be the most dominating technology.

The versatility of Augmented Reality has given a new dimension to financial trading and analysis. While experts are infusing their intelligent pieces of softwares to make the AR/MR-based trading as intuitive, robust, and as secure as possible, trading companies are carefully following the trend, hoping to use it to the best of their advantage.

If this AR-based trading method manages to satisfy long-standing analysts, the future of the financial trading workplace will never be seen in the same light again.

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