Busting The Design Related Jargons

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The fact that the design terminology is synonymously looped has led to the half-baked usage of the terms. The non designers assume that Wire frames and Prototypes are the same and they are very

Wire frame

The skeleton of a design which clearly represents the main group of contents and structure of the information. They are a low fidelity illustration of the final product


A Mockup can be described as a middle to high fidelity,Guest Posting static, design representation. In mockups color and typography is applied over the wire frame. They are the basis for final look of the product.


A well researched, orchestrated and a working representation of the final product is called a prototype. The user can undergo the actual look and feel of the app/website through a prototype .

User Interface Design (UI)

UI design states the visual appeal of the product. UI designers are accountable for laying out tenacious style guide and ensuring that a consistent design language is applied across the product.

User Experience Design (UX)

UX design covers the interaction, feel and vibe of the product. The responsibility of a UX designer is to make sure that the overall experiences of the target users while and after using the product is positive and fit close to the targets demands.

Interaction Design

Interaction design falls under the purview of UX design. Interaction designers deal with what and how does the interface performs after a user interacts with it. The primary task of the Interaction designer is to furnish the product with the micro-interactions.

Visual Design/Graphics Design

Unlike Interaction design the graphic design deals with the overall look and feel of the product. Visual designers are not concerned with how screens link to each other, nor how someone interacts with the product. The sole responsibility of a visual designer is to make a beautiful product.

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