Detailed Introduction of the API Steel Pipes

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Here is the detailed introduction of the API steel pipe including the physical properties. API steel pipe in steel pipe industry has stable proportion of 42% ~ 42% in recent years. And the welded pipe has a rising trend. API steel pipes and welded steel pipe is the reliability of the materials and their variety adaptability is strong,Guest Posting especially to adapt to the thick wall and the production of alloy steel. The main problem is high investment, high cost, complicated manufacturing process, wall thickness and heat tolerance. The welded pipe is actually the deep processing product of sheet. With conditions of the similar price, API pipe improves its market competitiveness due to its reliability. As the ceaseless improvement of quality of steel plate and the raising of the level of welded pipe technology some equipment parts of the API pipes begin to occupy the market. But the possibility is replaced by welded pipes and this is only a very limited area.

API steel pipe is seamless welded steel pipe which makes strip steel coil into circular tubular by high frequency welding machine and certain specifications welding. And it will have good welding technology. When people weld API steel pipe, its shape can be round, square or aliens. And it can also be the choice of steel tube which depends on the sizing rolling after welding. API steel pipe welding technology is simple. Through the appropriate production and processing technology, we can guarantee that it can exert the important role and value in use. API pipe manufacture needs a higher level of technology and requirements. Therefore, if you don't have certain strength, you will be unable to produce the qualified quality API pipes.

Hot rolling process is the main producing methods of API steel pipes accounting for 80% of the seamless API pipe production. The welded steel pipe and black steel pipe are also available. Apart from the technology level of the mill itself, the variety and quality of the production unit level, to a great extent, will be restricted by the smelting and continuous casting. So the advanced smelting process is to complete pipe processing. International famous API enterprises are mostly complete professional steel pipe or tube companies which are integrated iron and steel enterprises. Those which rely on outsourcing manufacturing API pipe billet are difficult to stand in the fierce market competition for positions. Using arc furnace or a converter smelting-- LF refining outside the furnace-- VD vacuum processing-- full protection of pouring a tube-- continuous casting round billet machine processing, it is today's international advanced API carbon steel pipe production process.

Using the above process can produce oil special pipe, high pressure boiler tube, low alloy tube, etc. For smelting equipment, electric arc furnace or the converter capacity should not be less than 70t. In order to create conditions for ladle refining, we should pay attention to the online detection method of continuous and automatic control system which is equipped with advanced inspection system. The location for oil pipeline and high pressure boiler tube production line should be equipped with a high level of heat treatment and machining system.

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