Engineer to Order Manufacturers Tweet with Industry Leader Streamline Systems

Jan 20


Thomas R. Cutler

Thomas R. Cutler

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ETO's Tweet with Industry Leader Streamline Systems


The Streamline Systems’ ETO blog has quickly become the leading source of information about how              AX 2012 serves engineer-to-order manufacturers.  This content rich conversation is found at

Over the past five years more manufacturers are combining repetitive product manufacturing with custom unique manufacturing.  Whether ETO,Engineer to Order Manufacturers Tweet with Industry Leader Streamline Systems Articles engineer-to-order, BTO, build-to-order, ATO, assemble-to-order, there is a need for higher margin products and processes.  These one-of-a-kind manufacturing solutions require similar specialized technology solutions.  From blogs to industry analysis whitepapers to the leading ETO Twitter conversation, Streamline Systems is leading the conversation.

Additionally Streamline Systems just published a vital tool for Engineer-to-Order manufacturers; the white paper is objective and looks at the history, trends, and future of ETO manufacturing.  Larry Cohn and the ETO experts at Streamline Systems work with industrial manufacturers to manage and grow their businesses through the effective use of software designed for engineer to order manufacturing companies. “We focus exclusively on ETO manufacturers, who benefit from the knowledge and experience of ETO experts,” commented Cohn.  More in-depth than the blog, the paper discusses the development of ETO ERP Solutions, including AX2012 ETO ERP. The Streamline Systems ETO ERP white paper may be requested at:

The most important interactive resource being offered currently is the engaging daily conversation about the unique characteristics and challenges of ETO manufacturers via Twitter.  Tweets reveal how Dynamics AX 2012 is the most powerful, agile and simple ERP available.  Followers of ETO Tweets go to Twitter @StreamlineSysAX.

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