Streamline Systems Shares Project Costing Technology

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Streamline Systems Shares Project Costing Technology with Engineer to Order Manufacturers

Streamline Systems motto is: making ETO manufacturers more competitive since 1994.  Managing Project Costing for Engineer to Order manufacturers is different.  The ability to track project costs against quotation estimates,Guest Posting gain real-time visibility into costing and compare project costs in real-time are crucial for profitability. 

Headquartered in Colorado, Streamline Systems (  knows Engineer to Order (ETO), Build to Order (BTO) and Assemble to Order (ATO ) manufacturing.  Larry Cohn, Managing Director recently shared that “Engineer to Order Manufacturers face a unique set of business challenges.  From complex quotation and order entry process, to long lead times and unprofitable service and installation aspects of business, optimal efficiency is not optional. Capitalizing on every opportunity, while simultaneously managing costs and ensuring projects are accurately billed and collected is the central need of all ETO manufacturing operations.”

Streamline Systems has identified the areas in which Engineer to Order manufacturers can find significant improvement in their operations including:

Complex Quotation and Order Entry Processes

Improve responsiveness to customers

Reduce processing time and improve accuracy

Product Configuration

Reducing Lead-Times to Customers

Eliminate manual information entry from engineering to production

Utilize models for configuration or effective planning

Improve inventory control and materials ordering to reduce production time

Manage Production and Development Cycle

Integrate development and production for a more seamless business processes

Improve ability to handle engineering changes in development, after production has started

Increase Service and Installation Profitability

Utilize efficient tracking and planning tools for Service and Installation

More effectively estimate installation in the quotation process

At Streamline Systems industrial manufacturers manage and grow their business through the effective use of software designed for engineer to order manufacturing companies. “We focus exclusively on ETO manufacturers, who benefit from the knowledge and experience of ETO experts,” commented Cohn.

Providing business management solutions and business process improvements, Streamline Systems' team of experts focus exclusively on state of the art technology to help ETO manufacturers become more efficient and competitive. Utilizing the robust functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, an integrated end-to-end business management solution, Streamline helps ETO manufacturers gain market share, operate more efficiently and profitably.

Additionally Streamline Systems just published a vital tool for Engineer-to-Order manufacturers; the white paper is objective and looks at the history, trends, and future of ETO manufacturing.  Larry Cohn and the ETO experts at Streamline Systems work with industrial manufacturers to manage and grow their businesses through the effective use of software designed for engineer to order manufacturing companies. “We focus exclusively on ETO manufacturers, who benefit from the knowledge and experience of ETO experts,” commented Cohn.  More in-depth than the blog, the paper discusses the development of ETO ERP Solutions, including AX2012 ETO ERP. The Streamline Systems ETO ERP white paper may be requested at:

The most important interactive resource being offered currently is the engaging daily conversation about the unique characteristics and challenges of ETO manufacturers via Twitter.  Tweets reveal how Dynamics AX 2012 is the most powerful, agile and simple ERP available.  Followers of ETO Tweets go to Twitter @StreamlineSysAX.

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