Hi-Temp Bakery Wheel and Casters Better than Traditional Wheels

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Hi-Temp Bakery Wheel and Casters Better than Traditional Wheels Says Magnus Mobility

Traditional wheels do not work in hi-temp bakeries. Bakeries roll carts into ovens.  Traditional hi-temp phenolic wheels survive about 350-400°F intermittent temperatures (30 mins in/30 mins cool-off).  The traditional wheels are hard and noisy when rolling on the bakery floors.  The wheels run directly on the caster axle without lubricant; they squeak when in higher temperatures.

A leading Italian manufacturer developed a special material and process originally developed for the aerospace industry and adapted it to special purpose wheels.  The applications have expanded into stainless steel casters and other composite wheel materials focused on the food processing industry. 

Hi-temperature RTH wheels are needed most in the food processing industry and these unique wheels and casters allow for Operating Temperature Ranges of -40°C (-104°F) to +260C (+500°F).

An ergonomically friendly work environment requires noise reduction.  RTH wheels are a special proprietary high temperature aerospace rubber compound that cushions the loaded racks from vibration,Guest Posting reduce floor noise, and can be equipped with special noise eliminating bearings.  The RTH wheels and the stainless steel casters available from Magnus Mobility are FDA/USDA approved for contact with food ingredients and are permanently lubricated with FDA approved, non-toxic lubricants.

The RTH wheel has no odor when used in bakery hi-temp food processing applications; traditional cushion tread wheels usually emit a plastic or rubber foul smell when heated.

Frozen foods manufacturers find benefits from the RTH wheel because frozen foods are partially prepared.  That means they are often cooked or baked to some degree, then flash frozen for packaging.  The RTH wheel can withstand, and is guaranteed within its operating range, huge environmental temperature swings quickly.  Traditional casters and wheels usually fail relatively quickly in this situation.

A strategic partnership arrangement has been formed between DiCandia Route, the Italian manufacturer of this hi-temp wheel, and Magnus Mobility Systems Inc.  Magnus is the leading, worldwide provider of motion control solutions including casters and wheels, gas springs, levelers, bearings, and accessories.  Magnus combines the best of single-source convenience with the benefits of a global network. Strategic distribution and service centers enable Magnus to provide timely delivery of    this important hi-temp wheel product.

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