Features And Benefits Of Real Estate Website Portal Development.

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In this digital era, every industry is prepared with an online presence. So if you are in the real estate business, then here we describe the features and benefits of real estate website portal development.


The applications and websites have been subjugated over the world of businesses,Features And Benefits Of Real Estate Website Portal Development. Articles in the present area to give a boost to their products and services, given that targeting the group of customers is obligatory.

What do we contemplate with real estate, it includes the real property which consists of land and improvements, that includes building, roads, utility system, property rights, and natural resources such as animals, minerals, plants, etc. 

Working online has not only made our lives more efficient and flexible but has also led the path of technology, rule across the world, 1 in 4 people use a real estate mobile app to buy or sell properties, this helps the sellers connect to their customers across the globe.

 How of Real Estate Portals Works?

The website and mobile app development companies help the company to create their online presence so that the customers can look for them, more easily and they can spread their presence worldwide and this helps in the growth of their businesses.

The working of it is simple and suave, just list down the properties in an illustrative and splendid form so that it catches the attention of the buyers, and this helps out in giving the boost to the business.

When one is running short of time and wants to cut short and look for the property online, they can actually (unnecessary) preview so many of them by sitting right on the couch and by this seller wins too as their properties are looked at online, by hundreds of shoppers, but the catch here is how well do you develop the website and how catchy it remains to the eyes of buyers.

According to global statistics consolidator Statista, real estate websites are visited more than 120 million times each month, this concludes what significance does real estate websites hold.

The 7 best real estate websites of 2020 are:

  • Zillow
  • com
  • Trulia
  • com
  • com
  • HomesforHeroes

Feature for real estate websites:

The web and mobile development companies help the companies to create the presence of themselves online so that the customers could look for them, more easily and they could spread their presence worldwide and this helps in the growth of their businesses.

Real estate investments are unique compared to other investments. To make your website stand out of the crowd the magnificent features needed are:

  • Submission of Front End listing: One of the most common and beneficial features will be an entry in an immovable website, though it is not compulsory, but doing so can have significance.
  • Great Design: Your website is needed to be user friendly and visually pleasing. It’s important to make a good first impression because your customer’s first look at it will be how easily the user can navigate through and the absence of the features will be disheartening. The website design should enable a suave and flawless experience for the buyers.
  • Advanced Search Options: Use of as many filters as possible can lead to better search options, the customers should easily lookout to the products which are needed by them and this will lead them to cut short the timings. For a better experience, they should know where they are and how they are getting to the products. Make their experience easy and let them search by price, location, type, beds, compare,
  • Beautiful image gallery: A single image is worth a thousand words. So, if you want to attract user’s attention, give your best to improve listings with awesome optimized images. Images make impactful content and it dramatically increases the potential buyers.
  • Reliable and up-to-date information: It is very important to have reliable and up-to-date information on your website, and also in the right place, let your customers know everything about properties, agencies, and
  • Contact forms: You have provided users with all the information about the product now it comes down to providing them, your contact information, don’t let them wander around so that you can send them important information, news, etc.
  • SEO friendly: Make sure you are putting up the content with correct structure and using all the keywords properly which can be looked into by the users, the better the interaction between customers and it’s pages the better will be the ranking of the websites. Make sure that it’s SEO friendly to get better search engine rankings, don’t get compromised. So hire best SEO Company Los Angeles to get better result.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Most of the site's visit happens through mobile and if your site is not mobile responsive, you are missing out on a big market, keeping this behavior in mind will help you out in going ahead in the market.

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According to the data given about 95% of the real estate agencies have had their website as property listing, we can once look up to an idea of what property listing actually stands for, it indulges in creating, feature-rich and brawny websites, by real estate app developers.

Easy property listing has become celebrated in recent years, which boosts much functionality, which could be an essential element in building the real estate website.

Real estate mobile app should stand out of the crowd, so that the people out there can actually use and download them, the fact that one should have an app for a real estate business, includes innumerable perks such as:

  • The data shows that in 2018 more than 44% of the people searched for properties online, which took a peak in 2020.
  • It is easier for people to search for the property online, as it is more easy and reliable.
  • It is estimated that roughly, 80% of the younger millennials and 78% of generation x homebuyers found their property online in 2018.

And that is why Real estate mobile app development is the need of an hour.

Benefits of Real Estate Website Portal Development: 

  • Most retailers and sellers prefer going for an online business which makes this pattern e-commerce.
  • The wider market is provided and for everyone who wants to buy, sell, and rent the property.
  • The search engine has grown by leaps and limits.
  • For detailed monitoring and environment.
  • Sustainable cost reduction, which is needed.
  • You can refine your quest through the filters, in addition to the cost, which property will be a perk for you.
  • The online portals are the one-stop destination, for the purchase, lease, and sale of financial loans.
  • Better use of interface.

The real estate app developer has the toil to provide efficient app's solution, it proffers several benefits to the real estate industry to provide their customers pliability, and amplify the business.

For the present area, we don't need to go for the traditional methods, going through the monotonous process of buying and selling and leasing the property sounds outdated.

The traditional method was tedious and included, finding buyers/sellers, with the help of our friends, relatives, and other contacts, this took a lot of time and we ended up being exhausted.

When it all comes down to finding, closely observing, which software industry one should look for by being aware of the requirements. ThinkStart Private Limited is the company that is capable of looking into the problem, recognizing it, and then solving it. The priority-based web development services provided by our company are:

  • GPS integration
  • Property listing
  • Property location Advanced Search
  • Data-driven insights
  • Geo and social advertising
  • Artificial intelligence

The web and mobile app development companies, like ours, help the companies to create the presence of themselves online so that the customers could look for them, more easily and they could spread their presence worldwide and this helps in the growth of their business. 

Real Estate Website Portal Development has led to the vast number of properties that can be taken in use, as a faster mean for searching which is more effective and credible.

Final Words:

As we looked above how creating the online presence can help involve customer's insight and leave behind an overwhelming experience to the vsitors, the website development can help you ace your goal in reaching out to the larger number of people, and ThinkStart won't fail to act as a catalyst in attaining that goal.