Get Faster Android Updates with Google’s Pixel Repair Tool

Feb 24


Daniel Ryan

Daniel Ryan

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There are many ways to update an Android phone. Most people probably wait for the latest patches to arrive and let their phones run the update automatically. This is the most convenient option, but it’s also the slowest, since it depends on your carrier to roll the update out to you. There are ways to get updates faster—like sideloading new updates yourself—but these can be intimidating and confusing for people who don’t want to mess around with extra software or system-level operations.


Source: Get Faster Android Updates with Google’s Pixel Repair Tool

The users of Android phones are always in the search for the ways to update their phones as there exist countless ways. Most of the Android users often wait for the latest updates and wished that their phones could run the updates automatically. The users can check for the latest updates by only going into the settings and then click on About phone. When the users click on the option of “About Phone”,Get Faster Android Updates with Google’s Pixel Repair Tool Articles then they will be directed to system updates on their pixel. The alternative is however convenient for the users, but it is one of the slowest options too as it hugely depends on the carrier you are using to roll out the updates. There are also some ways if you are not interested in the slowest one such as you can sideload the latest updates yourself.

The users have to do a few things before they could go for updating their Android phone. The users should create a backup for all their essential files; otherwise, the things may go wrong if you have to wind up the whole procedure due to some bugs or technical glitches. The users may get confused and find it difficult to follow the procedure of sideloading the latest updates because the steps involved are quite complicated, leading the whole process intimidating.



The pixel owners have many other options also, which could be called a bonus for them if they are not convenient with sideloading the latest updates. The other option is very much easy to follow and does not require a lot of extra work. The pixel owners can use Google’s Pixel Update and Repair service, and it will make them able to not only find the new updates but also installing them. The service introduced by Google has made it much easy for the users to get information about the latest updates and patches of Android. However, the users need to keep a few things with them before following the instructions of the repair tool of Google, and the things to keep are the following:-

  • They must have a PC along with the pixel device they have.
  • The users need to connect their PC to the phone they have, and for this, the users should have a USB cable.
  • The users must be careful and keep their phone and PC disconnected until they are not asked by the Pixel Repair tool to plug it, and along with this the users should have a web browser supporting WebUSB.

How to Use Pixel Repair Tool for Updating your Pixel Phone

  • First of all, the users have to visit the Google Pixel Update and Repair page on their PC and then choose the carrier appearing in the drop-down box.
  • In case, if the users are not able to see the carrier listed, then they should tap on the option of “Additional Carriers”. Further, the users also have the option of choosing additional carriers>other, if they are getting the device unlocked.
  • In the next step, the users have to tap on “Next” after picking up their carrier, which could further begin the update and repair process.
  • The users will be guided to backup their data by the tool, and further, they will have to follow the remaining steps appearing on the screen.
  • The appearing on-screen instructions will include some settings putting your phone into “Rescue Mode” and then connecting PC to the Phone through USB.
  • The users should wait for a while to get the updates arrived, and if you are getting no updates, then the users may be directed to Factory reset their device.
  • If the users are directed for factory reset, then don’t do this and further the repair tool should be closed. The users should undo their phone which is in Rescue mode by holding down the power button for at least 10 seconds and then again hold it for 10 seconds while pressing it.

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