How Does Python help in Data Analytics

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The article describes the role of python in data analytics. Data Analytics helps in understanding various trends and data of the Companies.

Python is Programming Language that helps in Data Analytics. Today we will learn about how python helps in data analytics.

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is the analysis of raw data to find the trends. Data Analytics is a broad field with a goal set. There are basically four types of Data Analysis: 

  • Descriptive Analytics:Descriptive Analytics refers to the process of answering to the questions about what happened. It is best used in providing the description of the outcome to the stakeholders. In this process,Guest Posting the relevant data is collected and then data is analyzed and after that data is visualized. Descriptive Analytics gives the insight into experience. 
  • Diagnostic Analytics:Diagnostic Analytics refer to the process of answering questions that why the things had happened. They collect the descriptive analysis and then dig deeper into the data to find the root cause.
  • Predictive Analytics:Predictive Analytics refers to the process of answering to the questions that what will happen in the future. This technique uses the previous historic data to see the trends in the data and to know if they will recur or not. Predictive analytics gives the insight into future trends. The technique uses a variety of machine learning and statistical methods such as regression, neural networks and decision trees. 
  • Prescriptive Analytics:Prescriptive analytics refers to the process of answering to the questions that what should be done. By using predictive analysis, data-driven decisions are made. It helps in estimating the outcomes by looking at the previous data. Data Analytics is the must required thing in the banking and financial sector. 

Data Analytics helps in detecting and preventing fraud to improve the efficiency of the financial institutions. 

Data Analytics is divided into 4 steps: 

  • Data Mining 
  • Data Management 
  • Statistical Analysis 
  • Data Presentation

What is Python?

Python is vast growing programming language that is used in both web development and designing and also used in designing software programs. Python is very easy to learn and implement language. Python has many advantages. It is used in Artificial Learning, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

How does Python help in Data Analytics?

To use Python for Data Analytics, you should have fine knowledge in Matplotlib and CSV. Then, you need to install panda which can be installed by using the following command;

pip install pandas

Create a data frame in pandas. After that read the data which is stored in CSV format files. Then import the data with pandas. Index the data using labels and math pandas. And this is how the pandas are plotted.

Learning Python and Data Analytics in Jalandhar:

Python is a great language. It is very helpful in Data Analytics. So Itronix Solution is providing Data Analytics course with python in Jalandhar. Itronix solution is a great place to learn Machine Learning and Data Analytics. Data Analytics will be taught to you in a very experienced way. Moreover, python along with data analysis is great course to take up because today more that 15% of the High Technology Companies want data analysts. Data Analysts are paid a huge salary.

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