How Does SharePoint Add Value To An Organization?

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Digitization and work culture are practically inseparable. Every operation in an organization is one way or another affected by technological advancements. Microsoft SharePoint is one such digital solution that offers immense opportunities for organizations to thrive and stay ahead of the pack.

Microsoft never ceases to amaze us with its unparalleled solutions. Be it windows operating systems or MS office suite,Guest Posting Microsoft products are an essential part of our day to day activities. But when it comes to SharePoint, people tend to have a hard time understanding the very use of it. Some people have a brief idea about it's applications like DMS and Intranet. But others are completely clueless. In this article, we are going to get rid of all the confusion around SharePoint once and for all. So, stay scrolling.


What is SharePoint?


So let’s talk about the question of the hour now, as in what is SharePoint?. Well, SharePoint is not something we can explain in one word. It’s not a readymade product like a computer software or mobile app that you install for a specific purpose. It is a collection of various products and technologies. 

For example, take the case of the MS office suite. It is not a single product. It’s a combination of different other products like word, excel, powerpoint, etc. Sharepoint is also a package of various configurable solutions.

For many people, SharePoint is a collaboration and sharing tool. But in general, it’s a platform to create customizable websites for automating our workflows and tasks in an organized way. Intranet software, document management system, performance management software, etc. are some SharePoint-based solutions that help companies achieve their objectives seamlessly.


Benefits of SharePoint

More than 85 % of the fortune 500 companies find SharePoint highly beneficial for streamlining their day to day activities. The following are some of those benefits.


  • Working collaboratively


Sharepoint’s solutions allow the employees to communicate and collaborate with one another on their objectives. The use of Intranet is a common way to achieve this collaborative workforce. A robust intranet software serves as a secure central point of all the information, applications, and internal communications of a company. With the help of workflows, DMS, chats, community sites, blogs, etc., the employees can share their ideas and contribute collaborative input to meet the common goals efficiently.


  • Managing documents


Sharepoint’s integration with office 365 enables us to seamlessly manage the complete life cycle of documents in an organized way. The workflows in this document management system are customizable according to the nature of document flow in your office. Document creation, document collaboration, sending for approval, and reviewing, etc. are completed in an automated manner, just like the parts of a single chain.


  • Automating the tasks


Sharepoint’s set of solutions takes the pressure off employees in completing their daily tasks and objectives. The carefully designed workflows allow users to complete their tasks with ease and confidence.


  • Streamlining work and workforce


Sharepoint can be used to monitor and streamline the work patterns of employees to improve personal and collective productivity. The combination of MyAnalytics and performance management software helps the staff and the management to understand and utilize the potential of employees in the right ways.


  • Managing Tenders


Finding the right suppliers, managing invoices, new demands, settling contracts, etc. are mostly nightmarish tasks in the tendering process. A well crafted tender software will assist you in every step of the tendering process such as registering vendors, ensuring transparency, awarding contracts, auto-tracking invoices, and many more.

  • Mobility 


Sharepoint promotes the idea of working on the go. Its mobile counterparts allow the users to manage their office activities, communications, meetings, etc. from anywhere across all devices.


Every year, SharePoint adds something new to its offerings. The introduction of SharePoint Framework (SPFx), Sharepoint Spaces( Mixed reality integration), and AI integration are a few examples of that. All these innovative features are conveying one message loud and clear, that SharePoint development is here to stay.


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