How to Deal with Brother Printer Replace Toner Message?

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Replace toner” error message can be really frustrating especially when your toner cartridge still has toner left in it. But you can reset your printer cartridge setting and use the existing toner for printing. Learn more about resetting of toner cartridge from this article.

Brother Printers are known for its quality and speed. These printers can provide you rich quality print that too at a low cost. But every printer company wants you to buy a new toner from them this is the reason they try every possible mean to make you replace the cartridge. Sometimes you are indicated about the replacement with deeps,Guest Posting popup screens and at other times you get warning messages on the display panel of the printer and so on. The printer is used for so many purposes these days, you not only print with it but also scan, copy and fax with it. This is the reason that your printer toner gets empty at a faster pace. When you see “Replace toner” message it simply indicates that you are running out of the toner and you need to replace it.


The message becomes really frustrating if you are running a print job at that particular moment. There are two possibilities when you see the message that either you still have the toner and you can print some more pages with it or it might actually mean that your printer is low on toner. In case your toner cartridge is actually empty then please contact our tech support team of Australia at +61-180085393 Brother Printer Support Number. In most cases you start seeing the message long before it runs out and this is the reason that people feel frustrated with the message. Obviously, it is not easy to replace the toner so frequently. Replacing cartridge every few months can cost too much to users.

Here we are going to discuss about the resetting of the toner cartridge settings of Brother Printer model MFC 9120CN, MFC-9330CDW and MFC 9340CDW printer.


Reset Toner Cartridge Settings on a Brother MFC 9120CN Printer:

  • Make sure your Brother Printer is turned on.
  • Then open the cover using the blue handle in the front of the machine. You just need to have an access to printer control panel.
  • After that press the Clear/ back button on the control panel.
  • Then press the up and down key to scroll the list of toner i.e. K- Black, M- Magenta, C- Cyan and Y- Yellow. Then each has an option for STD and STR.
  • When your reach to the toner that you want to reset, press OK. For example, you choose K. TNR-STD to reset the message about the black toner and allow me to print.
  • There are two options, 1. Reset and 2. Exit. Select 1 on the numeric pad of the Control Panel to reset your cartridge.
  • Finally, close the printer. The printer will again go through its warm up cycle again, the message will disappear and you will be able to print once again with the existing cartridge

Reset Toner Cartridge on a Brother MFC-9330CDW and MFC 9120CN Printer:

  • Go to the Home screen. When you see the message “Low toner” and “Replace Toner” message press the red X.
  • Then press the Fax button on the touch screen. This step is just to light up the numbers that’ sit. Don’t press the * (asterisk) button.
  •  Then again press the Home button.
  • Open the top as if you are going to replace the toner but you don’t have to replace it.
  • Then press and hold the UNLIT * (Asterisk) button for at least 5 seconds.
  • Keep the lid open, you will see the Toner reset menu on the screen.
  • After that Reset your”low” or”empty” toner by pressing the color and type the reset.
  • Close the lid and then wait for 40 sec each for every reset toner cartridge. For example, if you have reset 3 cartridges then wait for 120 sec.
  • When the touch screen controls are displayed again, you won’t see the error message.

Resetting of the toner works till the time there is some toner left in the cartridge, eventually you will have to replace the toner. In case you want to know more about this error then please consult printer experts on our tech support number.

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