Does the High Cost of Printer Ink and Laser Toner Cartridges Got You Down?

Aug 14


Steven Aaroe

Steven Aaroe

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With the steady growth in the number of foreign and domestic manufacturers in the remanufacturing industry, the cost of laser toner cartridges has bee...


With the steady growth in the number of foreign and domestic manufacturers in the remanufacturing industry,Does the High Cost of Printer Ink and Laser Toner Cartridges Got You Down? Articles the cost of laser toner cartridges has been reduced significantly.


Laser printers that use toner cartridges offer several advantages over inkjet printers.  They print much more quickly than inkjet cartridges, and laser toner works on almost any paper type.  The only downside to laser toner printers is that they cost more initially than inkjet based printers.  However, unlike ink, toner is a dry powdery substance. The copier or laser printer's fuser is responsible for melting the laser toner to create a permanent image on the paper. When your toner cartridges become empty, you have several options for purchasing a new toner cartridge. Besides opting for a new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) toner supply, you owe it to yourself to try a new compatible brand or remanufactured cartridge. While most all of the major office supply store chains offer their own brand name replacement cartridges, there are now several reputable online retailers offering extremely good deals on ink, toner and copier toner cartridges. Compared to the office supply store chains, which offer minimal savings, online outlets are selling at near wholesale prices with savings in the range of 30-60% off. The price differences have little to do with any difference in quality, but rather the heightened competitive environment of the internet itself.   

Compatible vs. Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

While the toner cartridge manufacturing industry is not entirely standards-based, the two terms "compatible" and "remanufactured" are used loosely and are sometimes used synonymously. A compatible toner cartridge is generally a new toner cartridge made with all new parts and components, while a remanufactured toner cartridge is a used cartridge core that has been disassembled cleaned, re-built and tested and may contain up to 90% new components. Both the compatible and remanufactured cartridges are built to, and may exceed, the specific OEM specifications of the printer manufacturer. The industry-leading cartridge remanufacturers often operate under the same ISO-9001 quality systems that an OEM manufacturer might use.  A reliable source will ensure that the customer receives good quality products and a satisfactory customer service. As a customer you should only buy a product when you are fully confident about the company and the product it supplies. Before purchasing a new compatible or remanufactured cartridge, check the retailer’s performance guarantee and their product warranty. A good guarantee should cover the entire cartridge life cycle, or the period it would normally be in use. It should warrant the cartridge free from material defects and workmanship. Be sure to read the retailer’s Terms and Conditions of Sale. 

One particular area where enormous savings can be had is in purchasing compatible MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) toner cartridges on the internet. These cartridges have a special toner in them that is required when printing your own checks complete with bank routing and account numbers. Good MICR toners can be purchased online at a fraction of the price of genuine. Just be sure any online company you consider buying from guarantees their cartridges meet and/or exceed OEM standards.  Look for statements such as “ISO 9001 Certified - MICR toner cartridges will exceed ANSI (American National Standards Institute), ABA (American Banking Association) and CBA (Canadian Banking Association) standards”. The American Banking Association requires a MICR toner cartridge to produce an Iron Oxide Signal Strength of 50. Europe and Canada require a signal strength of 80. One online supplier I found stated the signal strength of the MICR toner formula is 100 to 114. While most manufacturers rigorously test each formulated batch of MICR toner with a signal strength check, batches of toner with a signal strength of less than 100 should be rejected by the quality control department. Compatible MICR toner cartridges are high-quality, reliable alternatives to high-cost OEM products. Each MICR cartridge should be guaranteed to meet ABA/ANSI MICR character signal strength specifications while also delivering highly reliable, consistent results for your most important financial documents.

Worried About Your Printer Warranty

Many consumers worry that the use of compatible or aftermarket printing supplies will void their printer's warranty. The answer is no. More simply put, this means that your printer warranty cannot be voided just because you choose to use compatible products unless the manufacturer can prove that the compatible product caused direct damage to your printer. In cases such as this, the manufacturer may choose not to repair your printer but your warranty would remain in effect for all other warranty issues.

The U.S. Statute that covers free choice of supply and your printer:


United States Code Annotated

Title 15 Commerce and Trade

Chapter 50 Consumer Product Warranties

15 Section 2302 Section C.

For more information on equipment warranties, visit the Federal Trade Commission on the web. See Consumer Protection - Federal Warranty Law

Environmental Benefits

Aside from saving money, by using a remanufactured product you can help reduce the impact on the environment and divert the flow of materials into the landfills. Most all local municipalities have special collection bins for used printer and toner cartridges, as well may companies will buy back the empties.

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