How to disable and configure a Wireless Netgear Router Firewall ?

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If you have a Netgear router and you want that it works perfectly. For that you have to know all the issues that may occur in any time so that you can sort out it easily, as it has be resolved immediately so that it perform its functionality in normal way regardless making trouble. There are so many issues but we are describing two issues here so that you sort out it by yourself. 
These issues are: 
How to Configure a Laptop to a Wireless Netgear Router?
How to disable Netgear router firewall?
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How to Configure a Laptop to a Wireless Netgear Router?

A wireless router is a device that acts as a gateway between your computer and your high-speed modem,Guest Posting such as a wireless access point that allows your wireless devices such as a laptop, connect the network devices. Netgear produces many types of routers and each offers different ranges and options for both business and household users. Before you can use a Netgear router, you must connect the devices using Ethernet cables and configure the router. But most of the customers don’t know how to configure it. This is the reason it has established several Netgear Router Technical Supportcenters so that the customers can get quick and reliable support from there.

Here, we are suggesting you quick steps to configure a laptop to a wireless Netgear Router. Follow the below given steps:

  • Connect your high-speed modem to Netgear router via an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect your computer and the Netgear router with an Ethernet cable.
  • Turn on the devices in order. First turn on your modem, then wait at least 2 minutes. This allows you to connect to your ISP server. Make sure the modem status indicator shows that it is properly connected to the server. Then plug in the AC adapter to Netgear router and an electrical outlet.
  • Open your web browser and connect to the URL address of the router. In the address bar of your browser, type the address of the router. Netgear Wireless can be:, or You can use any of them. Press "Enter" once you've written the address.
  • Enter the user name and the default password. By default, the username is "admin" and the password is "password".
  • Follow the instructions in the "Setup Wizard" ("Setup Wizard"). Once logged on to the router, the wizard will load and ask you if you want to detect the type of Internet connection.
  • Sets the wireless settings and follow the instructions in wizard

After following the above given steps you can successfully configure Netgear router on your system. If you are still facing any technical issues then contact to Netgear Router Customer Servicecenter to get instant help.


How to disable Netgear router firewall?

In order to disable Netgear router firewall, users will need to add a rule. Users can follow the below mentioned steps to disable Netgear router firewall.

Step 1: Open the web browser and type in “” in the address bar to open the admin panel.

Step 2: Users can then enter the account username and password in order to login to the router panel.

Step 3: Users can then move on to the main menu and then choose “Security” followed by “Rules”.

Step 4: Users can then add a new rule in the inbound services with the name of the service as “Any” and then check on “Allow Always”.

Step 5: Users can then move on to a new rule and then make sure that the rule is enabled. This will disable the firewall router.

In case unable to follow the above mentioned steps then feel free to seek certified technicians advice by dialing the 24/7 Netgear router helpline number or Netgear Router Tech Support Number.



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