How To Update Netgear Firmware

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To configure and manage the firmware update for netgear router, The user simply needs to get access on setup page either you can also use the default IP address insted of the mention web address over web browser.

To control the administrative features and to enjoy the more-enhanced functions,Guest Posting Netgear suggests for a firmware update. The firmware update is considered to be an important part to maintain the working of a Netgear router. Suppose, the user faces any issue while connecting the Netgear router to any of the web-enabled devices, then follows the below any of the appropriate given method to perform the Netgear firmware upgrade:-

  • Through web-interface.
  • Manual downloading of Netgear firmware update.
  • With the help of Netgear Genie application.

Let’s discuss them sequentially.

  1. Netgear firmware update using

Accessing in the web browser is the most recommendable method by professional for Netgear router firmware update. Whenever the users visit, he/she may able to see the message at the top of the dashboard regarding the new update available. However, click on that message to check the new update available and to update the Netgear Here are the important steps to update the firmware through the web-interface.

  • Open your web browser on the computer.
  • Type in the place of an address field.
  • Here, the login window for the Netgear router will appear.
  • Start entering the information in the field of username and password.
  • Choose the Administration option >> Firmware update. Thus, the Netgear router will reach will search for the new firmware update.
  • If there is any new firmware update available, then click to the download option or click to the “Yes”

Tip: Avoid interrupting the update as sometimes it will lead to the corruption of the firmware.

  1. Manual method for Netgear firmware update

Likewise, there is another solution i.e. manual method to perform the Netgear update with ease.

The steps are:-

  • By navigating to the download center, formerly download the latest firmware update.
  • Provide the Netgear’s router model number of your router.
  • By using an Ethernet cable, connect your computer and Netgear router.
  • Use the IP address to head over the default router admin interface.
  • At last, click to the given Netgear firmware update option and then select the upload button.
  1. Netgear Genie application

Netgear Genie application is the smartest way to perform the firmware update.

Hence, we provide the simple steps to update the Netgear router’s firmware. They are:-

  • Download and then, open the Netgear Genie application in your device.
  • Go to the Netgear router’s settings.
  • Enter the required username and password.
  • Direct to the Netgear router update section.
  • Click Next to check down for a new firmware update. If available.
  • To start the Netgear update process, click to the Yes button.




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