How to fix Hotmail Not Working on Mac and Android

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Hotmail is one of the most popular email services used by hundreds of millions of persons for reliable and secure email services. Well, it's tough to visualize a world where email does not exist.

However,Guest Posting many times users raised an issue with Email Not Working Hotmail and what to do to solve it. Well, a search is one of the most common Microsoft Hotmail difficulties. Then several things could be possible to cause this problem.

So, if you are a Hotmail user and facing issues like search not working Hotmail, and you are unable to fix it! Then you should not worry!  Sometimes, Outlook search not working due to an outdated Hotmail email application, an indexing error, indexing not listed, and some other problems.

Solution 1: Check Hotmail Indexing

If the Outlook/Hotmail search bar is not working, then there is a probability that indexing is not properly set. Then you will need to check if the connection between the Index and your emails is correct.

Solution 2: Check Spotlight Index Is Not Corrupted

If the above solution is unable to fix your Outlook search problem, then your Spotlight index may be corrupt. Then you should try to fix the corrupted Spotlight Index problem.

Solution 3: Update Hotmail

Many times, Outlook/Hotmail won’t start and the search not working Hotmail due to its need to update first. Then quickly select the ‘Update Now’ option from going to the menu to check for new updates to Outlook.

Solution 4: Rebuild Your index

Also, you should try to ask the device to rebuild your index as a catalog from the scratch section.

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Solution 5: Ensure Files is Listed

Often search not working Hotmail because Outlook/Hotmail is not indexing your files properly. Then you must look to see if there are files that are waiting to be indexed.

That’s it.

Hence, with the above solutions you can get rid of this issue quickly and easily.

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