Importance of Application Maintenance Services to a Business

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What is the importance of application Maintenance Services to an enterprise? Is it really important for enterprises to seek professional services for maintenance of applications? This article explores.

Did you know that according to a study by Lookfar,Guest Posting close to 90% of total cost of application development is involved in application maintenance? This shows that the cost of application maintenance is steadily going up as more and more businesses are going the digital transformation way and switching to automation of business processes. With so many business applications being developed today and applications becoming more and more complex by the day, timely maintenance can be  a challenge for enterprises today. This is where effective application Maintenance Services provided by leading IT firms like The Digital Group, Hexaware, Capgemini and others, are saving the day for enterprises across the globe. This article takes a look at the top 5 benefits of application Maintenance Services in the modern world.

1] Increased Efficiency of Applications

One of the biggest benefits that effective application Maintenance Services can bring to a business, is a boost in the efficiency of applications. This is because maintenance ensures that the application is running at its optimum potential at all times. The increased efficiency helps the enterprise achieve goals faster and more effectively. This contributes to long term achievement of goals for the organization.

2] Real Time Monitoring

Another benefit of application Maintenance Services is that it makes real time monitoring a possibility. This way, bugs and issues in the application or even the possibility of a break down or crash can be tracked and resolved instantly. This saves time and cost for the Enterprise, and also ensures there are no sudden surprises that need to be tackled at the last moment.

3] Boost in Application Reliability

This benefit is an extension of the second point mentioned above. Through continuous monitoring, it can be ensured that the application is running without any bugs and other issues and there is little to no chance of an application breakdown happening. This in turn increases the reliability on the application and makes ready to bring out the best results at any given time.

4] Significant Impact on User Experience

With the possibility of crashes and breakdowns taken out of the picture, the users of the application do not stand the chance of having to deal with unexpected issues. This can significantly improve the user experience, as users will have a seamless experience using the application, without having to go through the trouble of seeking solutions for bugs cropping up every now and then.

5] Reduction in Cost

Last but not the least, another very significant advantage of effective application Maintenance Services is the reduction in costs that it brings to the organisation. Identifying bugs and issues at the last moment can add to the cost of resolving, and also lead to loss of time and affect the deadline of a project. With this taken care of through preventive application maintenance, there is no possibility of unexpected costs. Also, regular maintenance increases the lifespan of the application, which in turn increases the ROI.


The benefits of application Maintenance Services are many and the ones mentioned above are just the key benefits. As business applications become more and more complex, it becomes more and more necessary to take certain measures to ensure the applications are running to the highest potential, and are offering the best results.

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