Introduction to the Solutions for WordPress White Screen of Death Error

Apr 16


Erica S Terner

Erica S Terner

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The article highlights the causes and solutions of the White screen of death error. In the present reading material WordPress, the user can relate properly and try these methods to solve errors accordingly.


There are numerous errors related to WordPress,Introduction to the Solutions for WordPress White Screen of Death Error Articles which annoys users. The WordPress white screen of death is among one of the errors. A screen that displays an empty page with no error message in WordPress is known as the white screen of death. It is a very intimidating error an often stops the function of the website. 

But users should not take tension because there are many ways to fix WsOD error.


Place the WordPress error log in the WordPress file. 


Are you aware of the reasons behind the white screen of death error? As a user, we recommend you to set a WordPress error login the WordPress site to identify the error and its reasons. However, the error log will not detect the error that happens before its implementation. Navigate Wp-Config-Php via connecting the FTP client-server and admin panel. Make changes in the Wp-Config-Php file in the text editor. Write the code into the file. 


define( 'WP_DEBUG', true )


The code needs to be placed before the saying /* That’s all, Stop Editing! Happy blogging.*/


Make sure to write another code below the above code. 


define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );


This syntax would help your website to preserve an error log. The error log works to store the errors in the file and also state the reasons for such errors. The reasons for error assist users in fixing error subsequently.  


Clear cookies and cache of the browser 


Go to the settings of your internet browser and see if the caches and cookies are leading the error. Often cookies and caches saved in the browser generate hindrance in operating the website. It can cause WordPress HTTP error when uploading images, error 404, internal server error 500, and white screen of death. Hence, clear all these saved cookies and cache from your web browser. Refresh your website then, and see if the site is opening or not.  


Scrub out plugins 


Third-party plugins are responsible for the error on the website. You never know which plugins can damage the website. For detecting the offender Plugin, yon should remove Plugins one after one. After some time, reactivate Plugin one after one and see which one is hindering the website. If you find the aberrant Plugin, then remove it quickly to avid the WsOD error on the website.  


Turn off website themes.


Just like plugins, the third party themes are also might be the cause of WordPress white screen of death error WSOD issue on the website. You should turn off your theme to eliminate the error. Upload the standard theme because the default themes hardly have any issue with WordPress.  


Expand PHP memory limit if it exceeded 


The PHP memory is the backbone of the WordPress website. Generally, it comes with the default limit of 64MB. With the regular updated and page addition on the website, it might be the reason that site is reaching its default PHP limit. 

It is important to expand the PHP bandwidth of the website. If the website has exceeded its PHP limit, then it can result in a white screen of death error; hence it is better to enhance the limit.



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