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Today we see the fast development of IT technology has made mobile phones and tablets very cheap, due to their cheapness these devices are now affordable to the middle class of citizen and it has increased demand of these devices in the market. 

Today we see the fast development of IT technology has made mobile phones and tablets very cheap,Guest Posting due to their cheapness these devices are now affordable to the middle class of citizen and it has increased demand of these devices in the market. The result of this is, it has generated numbers of companies have come in the market that are manufacturing these devices. One of the leading IT company in the mobile device market is Apple, which manufactures gadgets for iOS. The companies which want more customers and their users, it becomes important for them to develop an application not only for the Android platform but also for iOS.

It has been seen, nearly all smartphone users do not only use their device for playing games and for social networking, but also some users have been found to use their device to sell or buy goods and services on their smartphone. Therefore, the development of a mobile application for the iPhone is very useful and beneficial for the business point of view and have a greater advantage in this competition era.

Hi, are you thinking to develop an iOS app? If yes, then you should also think about the preference of client for the app, whether they prefer iOS or Android? When such type of condition comes for finalise or to make a selection of a platform to start with, then we have to analyse the main factors such as (a) what is the current market value share of iOS and Android, (b) The budget of the client and (c) The intensity of competition. Hence there is a need to understand – (a) what is the difference? and (b) what will be the actual cost of developing applications on Android and iPhone?

There is a very great difference in the development of mobile applications in these platforms, as these platforms use different programming languages, have different SDKs and use different development tools.

Now, when the iOS and Android applications have a huge difference in their development, then definitely there will be differences in their price of development. As we know the numbers of android developers are greater than iOS developers, while there are very few iOS developers. Therefore, android developers are less expensive in comparison to iOS developers. As a result of expensive iOS developers, the cost of iOS applications is much more than Android applications. On the one side android applications development are cheapest in comparison to any other platform applications, but as the android platform support for all different devices, it becomes necessary to test application on each device which increases the time of testing and debugging and results from overall long time in its development process in comparison to other applications based on different platform.

The design of applications based on both different platforms are totally different from each and others. In some cases, clients want their applications should run on both platforms, in such condition the cost of applications become nearly double due to the designing and programming of application in both platform technology. When any development company tell the cost of application to their clients which can run on all platforms, clients surprised and asked to reduce the cost of application. In such a situation, IT Companies face trouble, how to reduce the cost of application? To resolve this type of issue, that is to create a cross-platform application; a new technology known as hybrid application development has become prevalent. While this technology reduces the cost and time of development, it has one disadvantage of its slow performance and response.

Before the start-up of development of any mobile application, the developers discuss and make analysis for the selection of platform in which the application has to develop. On the observation of mobile apps experts, Android, iOS and Windows phone are the best and famous platform for the application development for smartphone or iPhone in the current environment.

To calculate the efficiency of development of a mobile application, it is important to understand what is the purpose of application which has to be created. If we are going to develop the mobile apps for that company which has used such type of application before, and the details of operation for the app is available, then it is to calculate the approximate budget for the development of application. Sometimes the additional consumption of time in the development of apps are also included in the budget of Development latterly.

                                      Application Development Stages:

There are the following most important stages of development of any mobile Application -  

Stage 1 - Analysis. In this stage, developers have to determine their goals of the business, along with the analysis of the market situation. Developers have to make clear what they need to do and what is the aim of application.

Stage 2 - Design. In this stage developers of the mobile application face challenges in making the interface convenient for users and focus on the exact need of the client.

Stage 3 - Development. It is the very advanced stage of creation, in which Programmers start creation of a mobile application through writing high-quality code or programmes.

Stage 4 - Delivery. In this stage testing of the application took place after the completion of development of the app stage. In the testing process bugs of the app have to be found to fix them. After having checked the ideal quality of application, it is stored on the AppStore.

Stage 5 - Technical Support. Generally, after the delivery of the application, all the companies offer technical support service free for 3 months.

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Hi, today I will elaborate Custom iOS App Development along with Android App Development and some other platforms. I will try to discuss all app development, its stages, cost and budget of application, best platform for iOS application development, advantages and disadvantages of different platform used in the development of application.

It generally occurs in the development process; we often feel the requirement of changes in the agreed prototypes and terms of service. It mostly happens due to the fact when we receive feedback from our clients or experts and finally, we decide to change a process. Therefore, it is very essential to consider such costs and plan of a budget having the further possibility of increasing the functionality or changing the business logic and processes.

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