Is Wedding Photography The Career For Me?

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If you love taking pictures, then you've probably thought about how to make money out of wedding photography. Whether you're trying to make extra money as a freelancer or starting your own business, wedding photography is an ideal recession-proof way to make a living. 

After all,Guest Posting people are still getting married.

However, it takes more than just a set of lenses and a tripod to be a successful wedding photographer.

Be Prepared

As a professional wedding photographer, you should have a back-up battery pack and several memory cards with you.

You'll also need to know how weddings and receptions work. It's more than just the first kiss; there's the moment when the bride arrives at the venue, just for a start. Car hire is one of the many expenses involved in planning a wedding, so how's the bride going to feel when she finds out you didn't capture the moment she stepped out of that expensive white limousine?

And if the worst happens, you'll need to have had the foresight to have taken out professional indemnity insurance.

Have An Eye For Detail

Wedding photography appeals to the type of person who notices the little things. The table dressings and even the floral buttonholes can be captured in artistic close-up. However, it's also about paying attention to people. This career favours the person who cared enough to check Aunt Agnes didn't have her eyes shut.

Being a professional wedding photographer also means knowing your lenses and shutter speeds. For active clients, you're going to need a faster shutter speed for the bouquet catch!

Polish Your People Skills

Couples are increasingly looking for candid photos of their wedding. You may be running all over the place and chasing the best shots, but you need to project an aura of approachability so that people can relax around you. Ideally, they won't even notice you're there.

You need to be aware of every friend and family member attending and strive to photograph more than just the newlyweds. Pictures of smiling older family members may later turn out to be poignant reminders of that day. Conversely, don't forget mothers and babies.

The group photograph is one of the biggest challenges and you'll need all your confidence to gather everyone together and keep them there until the shoot is over. This is definitely a task for an outgoing perfectionist, but the final photograph is its own reward.

Weddings are, for many couples, a once in a lifetime experience and you’re capturing special memories at each one you attend. You'll need to be meticulously organised, with an impeccable sense of timing, and prepared for anything.

You never know if you take a chance and start your business today you could soon become an established and respected photographer. If you are London based then you be competing and succeeding in the wedding photographer London market. So why not take a chance a see what you can achieve?

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