Metal powder for diamond tool has promising application prospect

Jan 10


David Yvon

David Yvon

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Metal powder for diamond tools are nickel powder, copper powder, cobalt powder, alloy powder and so on.

As the world economy,Metal powder for diamond tool has promising application prospect Articles science and technology continues to develop and the market demand increasing, new high-tech industries step into a broader prospect.Because of its special properties, nickel powder has a wide range of applications. Application of nickel powder in Diamond tool industry is also very promising as a catalyst, the catalyst industry, with the current capacity of 5000 tons of nickel. In other areas the annual consumption of nickel powder has also increased. From the Chinese market outlook, thin-walled construction with diamond drill bits, cutting film, oil and gas mining diamond drill bits, carbide drill bit matrix bonding material they use nickel powder; metal processing, automobile, motorcycle mechanical grinding and processing of instruments they use diamond abrasives, the matrix material are also mostly using nickel powder. With the diamond tool industry, electrical industry, alloys, powder metallurgy machinery parts industry's rapid development, the demand for nickel powder showed a rapid development momentum. The manufacturing enterprises of China's existing nickel powder only 7 to 8 (including the carbonyl nickel powder, nickel powder and electrolytic reduction of nickel powder), the production capacity of about 1,000 tons of production capacity can not meet the needs of the Chinese market. From the foreign market outlook, according to the international nickel market in recent years, data show that consumption of nickel-based powder of approximately 13 to 15 tons / year, accounting for almost the average world nickel consumption 17%. Its price has been stable at 12,000 to $ 13,000 per ton between Seen, the international market demand for nickel powder is very impressive.The production volume of Chinese carbide, diamond tools accounts for first in the world. The consumption of cobalt is relatively large and about 2,000 tons. Recent years, due to the rapid development of the international battery industry, a sharp increase in the amount of cobalt powder. From the Chinese market demand, the use of cobalt salts and cobalt metal production of cobalt powder, there are 10 enterprises, the total capacity of 1850 tons / year as the world's major consumer of cobalt, the total consumption of about 10% cobalt, At present, China's annual demand for cobalt at 3,000 tons. Cobalt in the carbide powder used in the binder, the average content of about 10% of consumption in China has reached 800 tons / year, accounting for 33% of total consumption of cobalt, and nearly 5.4% per year increments. Market demand from abroad, since the 1990s, the world's consumption of cobalt has been on the rise, the average annual increase of 2.6%. In 1998 alone, the world's cobalt consumption reached 29,500 tons. Based on the data reported in the next few years about the world's consumption of cobalt powder increased 8,000 to 10,000 tons, consumption rose sharply.Copper powder(FCu) is the second important powder material after the iron powder. Copper and its alloys have good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, surface finish and non-magnetic, etc  and are widely used in friction materials, oil-bearing , an electrical contact material, conductive material, diamond products, filters and mechanical parts. Which electrolytic copper powder with its excellent physical properties and chemical purity to be used more diamond tools, powder metallurgy, friction materials, carbon products, electrical alloys, metal coatings and pigments and electronic paste, conductive rubber and other products. Copper consumption in recent years, more than 10% per year rate increase. The automobile industry, for example, copper consumption has more than million tons, if you take into account the electronic, electrical and other industries, the potential market is much wider. See from the Chinese market prospects in China, copper is widely used in iron-based powder metallurgy parts copper, of which the largest amount of copper powder metallurgy parts. In the diamond tool industry in recent years, increased competition in the diamond tool, the matrix material to cheap iron base, copper and bronze base tilt, especially the export tools and tools for home interior decoration. In electrical alloys, the amount of copper powder at 200 tons. Demand from foreign markets to see, according to association statistics show that non-ferrous metals, copper and copper alloy worldwide each year the demand for powder for more than 10 tons, of which the total annual demand in North America about half. Meanwhile, other Southeast Asian countries are mainly used for materials processing copper, demand has expanded each year, but there are no copper producers.                       Source: