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Gamers who enjoy their car games on the PC will be happy to immerse themselves in the experience with a wheel and maybe a gear stick and a set of pedals too. Find out what makes momo racing wheel so good and popular, why I am still using it, what are its pluses and minuses in comparison to other simulation driving wheels and more.

Computer games are advancing so quickly that even a few years ago we couldn’t imagine the amount of realism that we are seeing today. And while these games are very realistic,Guest Posting they often miss their true potential because the gamer lacks the proper controller for the game genre. To me it is very frustrating when I see some racing enthusiast trying to race with a keyboard or joystick. Real cars have steering wheels, peddles, and gear shift levers, so if you can afford it you simply have to have it.

My experience with momo driving wheel: I tried a lot of different pc racing wheels over the time, but when it came to the decision of buying it, Momo was the pick number one. Not just because of its price, but also because some of my friends already had it so it was quite a simple and easy choice for me. After two years of non-stop usage it is still in great condition, actually it is still in the same condition as it was when I bought it. From my experience I can tell you that, if you are careful with these things, its almost impossible to break them down. Some of my racing colleagues had some problems especially with so called dead-zone or power in pedals, but as I said before luckily I never had this problems. The wheel gives you a big amount of realism as it has a very good force feedback in it. Program logitech profiler gives you the ability to set it up to your driving style and the same options you have in a game, of course if game has them. When we talk about speed I can tell you that momo racing wheel is the best for Formula cars as it has just 240 degrees available for turning. That is not disadvantage in Formula cars, because you don’t need there that much of steering degrees, but in usual car series it is very good to have 900 degree wheel. That is the biggest disadvantage of this momo wheel for me. All that still doesn’t mean that you can’t be quick with it as I can tell you that in my ”racing career” I won a lot of races in f1 racing games. You just have to adapt that.

It is recommended for who? I recommend it to everyone who has simulation racing for his or hers hobby. The wheel is of course older Logitech edition, so you have on the market some better racing wheels, but you must know that they cost much more than this one. It is very simple to use, very adaptable and for that price still at least one of the best, if not the best driving wheel out there. In the package you also get the new pedals, so you actually have the whole needable set of driving gear in your home, and how cool is that. Most of us are just common mortals so this is the most realistic type of racing that we can experience as we probably will never drive some Formula, Nascar or other racing car in real life.

My settings: For me it is crucial that the wheel settings are set perfectly to my style of driving. It can be totally different experience and the driver is usually much faster with perfect combination of wheel settings. From my experience different people like different things, in that matter settings, so it is not 100 percent sure that my momo wheel options will be any good for your style of racing. It depends which racing game are you about to play (settings on the picture are set for my formula series in rfactor game), and if you like ”hard” or ”soft” wheel. By my numbers on a picture it is obvious that I like more softly adjusted wheel, but some of my racing colleagues have their wheel adjusted conversely – up to 100 percent. Some will be fast with my type of settings, and some will rather prefer more ”harder” wheel settings, but in the end it really depends on your driving style. The settings that are shown here on the picture are set in logitech profiler program which you get on a cd alongside with your wheel when you buy it. However there are also wheel settings that can be adjusted in almost every racing game so you should also look in there, especially look for force feedback and set it up similarly (numbers) like here in the program. I usually prefer force feedback to be setted up on medium and up to 50-60 percent. And finally remember to test a few wheel settings as they probably won’t be perfect for you in a first try.

Momo prices: The wheel that was made by well known Logitech steering wheel company, is on the market for a very long time. That doesn’t mean that it is not good anymore, it is just so amazing that after all this years it is still available on the market. I bought it almost two years ago for about 80 euros, today if you know where to look, you can buy it for just 50 or 60 euros. That price is cheap in comparison to some other racing wheels.

Pluses and minuses of momo wheel:

Pluses: Momo racing wheel is this days very cheap as it costs somewhere between 50-100 euros. It depends where you look for buying it. This price is twice or even thrice lower than a cost of some other racing wheels. It is very adaptable, simple to set up and it has quite a lot of buttons for a racing wheel. Also there is added a warranty, for a one or two years. For disassembling it and putting it back in one piece, you only need just a screwdriver, so that process is very simple. Force feedback is pretty good as it gives the driver a real feel of driving, so all in all this wheel is very good for its price. You can’t expect that you will be faster than everybody else like for example Sebastian Vettel was last year in real Formula 1, but you can be very competitive with it.

Minuses: I already mentioned the lack of steering degrees, but to be sure there are still some other issues that driver can have with momo. Its pedals are made by plastic, so racer doesn’t have that complete feeling when braking or accelerating. Some of my buddies had after some time troubles with power in the pedals, they didn’t produce a full percent of power especially when they accelerate. Just two pedals and not three so you can’t use clutch on the pedals. The next problem can be dead-zone. That means that the wheel has some kind of a ”lag”, not internet lag of course. For example you steer into a corner with 30 degrees and the wheel doesn’t turns in game for just 20 degrees. You can solve this problem with adding up the percentages of dead-zone in wheel settings. Gear stick is attached directly on a wheel. You can shift just up or down as you don’t have so called H shifter. In general, this product will do the trick for any racing game including F1 Game 2012 or F1 2013 Game which follows this year.

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