Nickel Powder’s Basic Information and Industrial Application

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Nickel powder, or nickel flak powder is used for making non-ferrous alloy, extraction temperature, antioxidant materials, magnetic materials, it can also be used as a hydrogenation catalyst on chemical reactions.

Packaging of it: The inner lining bags with protective gas. There is iron drum outside. It is metallic pigment composing of nickel,Guest Posting including nickel powder and flaky nickel powder. The former is distilled and purified using nickel carbonyl [Ni (CO) 4] vapor decomposition, by controlling the temperature, diluted with carbon monoxide and with the help of gas agent (oxygen and nitrogen) in the presence of suitable shape to form the nickel particles, then rinse off carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide gas and  control the particle surface oxygen content of 0.065%; the latter is high-purity carbonyl nickel powder, with the existence of suitable lubricants and liquid media ,using ball in the ball mill grinding to make the sheet with suitable thickness.Mainly used for conductive coatings and plastic paint shield electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. It can make a variety of high gloss decorative paints and plastic instead of aluminum in aqueous systems as anti-corrosion paint. Fine particles of spherical nickel powder can be used for conductive inks. Introduction of diamond tools---Nickel powder (metal matrix alloy powder): metal-binding agent is the key factor to determine the quality of the diamond saw blade, blade, grinding wheel, core drill and some others. When the diamond is not changed, the quality of the metal binder becomes a determining factor. Cobalt powder and nickel powder can be used as the main binder. But the price of cobalt powders a little high.Among the diamond tools, matrix refers to the package, the diamond’s sintered body. The function of matrix is making sure the diamond’s cutting role and will not fall off prematurely. Matrix is generally composed of a variety of metals. Low melting point metal powder, such as boron powder nickel powder, is often used as binder. Thin-wall construction with a diamond drill bit, cut film, oil and gas mining diamond drill bits, carbide drill bit matrix bonding material they use nickel powder; metal processing, automobile, motorcycle and other mechanical polishing process using the tools Most of them use diamond abrasives. The matrix material are also mostly using nickel powder including carbonyl nickel powder, nickel powder and restore electrolytic nickel powder. Source:

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