Our relationship with Smart Devices

Nov 5


chandramani bhushan

chandramani bhushan

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Modern devices have now become an important part of our life. We cannot imagine our life without them.


This 21st century has brought many advancements in technology and has made our life easy and comfortable. Smart devices such as smartphones, laptops,Our relationship with Smart Devices Articles etc which are the product of modern advancements are now a part of our life and we depend on them for every work.

Smartphones and their accessories such as Bluetooth earphones are one of the most common gadgets that nearly every person has.

It is not only useful in our work but also has many features to entertain us. This has resulted in an addiction to it. People are so much addicted to it that many take it to their toilet and also use them while eating or wherever you could imagine, they have this with them.

This addiction to smartphones and other gadgets has made them lazy and has resulted in many health problems. Long hours of smartphone use can badly affect the eyes and can result in sleepless nights which ultimately leads to stress in life due to poor work output. 

We should learn to manage our relationship with smartphones and use them wisely. Otherwise, it can also ruin our relationships. People nowadays spend more time with their gadgets instead of spending time with their family and friends which makes their relations with their loved ones weak.

These modern devices are the greatest gifts of this modern age if used wisely but can turn into a curse if misused.