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Choosing the right type of screen surface is one of the most important elements when shopping for a projection screen.  Listed below is some technical information that will help you choose the right projection screen.

White Matte(WM) & Contrast Grey (CG) Screens:

All of our products are made with superior materials,Guest Posting using high grade professional fiberglass fabrics which are both smooth and durable.  Our White Matte screens are composed of four different layers, including a sheet of weaved glass-fiber, which helps prevent static electricity and creasing.  New advances in screen technology help our products by manufacturing soft flat screens that retain their color and shape over time.  The screen surface is washable, flame retardant and mildew resistant.  White Matte screens have a gain of 1.0 and an optimal viewing cone of 100 degrees.  White Matte screens are the most common screen surface.  They are distinguished by their application flexibility, high performance, and economical cost.

A Contrast Grey version is also available with a gain of 0.8, both versions result in realistic images with vibrant lifelike colors.

Glass Beaded Screens (GB):

With tiny glass beads embedded in the surface, this screen has the ability to achieve a higher gain and is able to reflect more of the projected image back to the viewer.  It also adopts advanced anti-static and dustproof technology, which reduces maintenance while maintaining the screen’s high brightness and vibrant color reproduction.  The screen surface is washable, flame retardant, and mildew resistant.  Glass Beaded screens have a gain of 2.3 and an optimal viewing cone of 70 degrees.  These screens are best used in applications where higher brightness is valued and the need for a wide viewing cone is not critical.

Flexible Polyethylene (PS):

Known as the PS Series Screens, these screens are a special, soft, flexible material with unique micro-diamond veins.  The veins remove the purple light and most light wave distortions inherent in many screens.  The result is a smooth, crisp image with fully saturated colors.  PS Screens are flame retardant, washable, and mildew resistant.  The PS material is used exclusively in home theater/entertainment screens (Fixed Frame and Tab-Tensioned Screens).  PS material is offered in a soft, brilliant white with a gain of 1.0 and an optimal viewing cone of 100 degrees.  

A Contrast Grey version is also available with a gain of 0.8, both versions result in realistic images with vibrant lifelike colors.

The screen surface quality of the PS series is superior to that of the white matte screens, consequently resulting in higher image quality. 

Specialty “High Gain” Material (HG):

Our Specialty/High Gain Material is a high performance optical polymer just 1mm thick.  It is glare and reflection free, and the homogenous construction allows the light to be spread evenly over the entire surface.  The screen is rugged and incorporates a non-sensitive surface.  The front projection, silver screen is very bright with a peak gain of 20.  The ½  gain viewing angle is 132 degrees.  These screens can be easily cleaned with water or non-caustic soap.  The screens are designed to be used in applications in which darkening the room is not possible or desirable.

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