PS3 or Xbox 360 - Which One To Pick?

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Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 is on debate even after few years of their introductions, as both game consoles have apparent advantages as well as disadvantages.

PS3 and Xbox 360 are liked by the majority of gamers,Guest Posting yet the views and opinions differ from one person to another mostly based on the quality of the game hardware. PS3 and Xbox 360 are the next generation game consoles from Sony and Microsoft, and they are hugely popular as both consoles have great features. Yet debating which one has an edge proves to be difficult.

Xbox 360 game console was launched before PS3 and offered games more quickly than PS3. Apart from the benefit of having a plethora of games, the highlighting factor was the price of the Xbox 360, which was lower than of the PS3, and as a result the Xbox 360 was able to achieve good sales performance. PS3 had its own catchy features such as the game play, superb graphics, and a library of games similar to the Xbox 360 library size.

The hardware of PS3 is higher than Xbox, besides PS3 had integrated WiFi, gigabyte Ethernet connection connecting the net to play online games and an integrated web browser that allows browsing websites and playing videos through Youtube. Xbox 360 also features Ethernet connection, besides WiFi functionality can also be added. PS3 has wireless controller with inbuilt battery charged through PC USB port, while Xbox 360 has regular DVD drive. PS3 has blue ray drive promoting high definition movies, while Xbox 360 does not promote high definition movies that connects with every PS3.

PS3 has hard disk with higher capacity, yet a higher capacity disk is required as the majority of these games can be installed on the hard disk and the hard drive can be easily upgraded without any hurdle. Xbox 360 models come with component cables that are ready with high dimension, while PS3 comes with regular AV cables and the HDMI cable or the apposite component should be purchased separately. Xbox 360 offers a headset attaching the controller that facilitates chatting with friends online, while PS3 does not offer any headset, but the blue tooth can be used for chatting. However, PS3 appears more elegant in comparison to the Xbox 360 that looks bland.

Xbox 360 had a lead until 2007 with a definitive edge in gamed consoles, while PS3 platform was lesser in comparison to the Xbox 360 version. But, recently, the PS3 platform offers great games and is ultimately coming with exclusive games such that both the consoles have games in plenty. However, in India only 65% of the games are available, despite the fact that the games are launched only after a few weeks of international launching.

Xbox 360 offers multiplayer experience that can be played online over the globe and this service is known as Xbox Live and is a paid service, while on the other hand PS3 online comes free of charge. However, the Xbox live has more adequate features than PS3 online and is a mature service, but PS3 is also catching up, besides the online playing is showing great improvements. Conversely, PS3 online service is more robust as it uses dedicated internet servers in comparison to the Xbox Live that uses P2P for connection and that depends on the host connection that is frustrating at times.

Xbox 360 has had unreliable hardware pieces, which lead to a hardware failure known as RROD, and owing to this Microsoft increased the warranty period to 3 years, while PS3 relates to no problems such as RROOD. However, buying from a repute retail shop that offers warranty is highly recommended. Buying game consoles from grey market is strictly cautioned, while it may end up saving you some money, the product warranty may not be the best.

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