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The 3D mobile phones may give you anther feeling of mobile phones from now on. 

With the popularization of mobile phone in our society,Guest Posting more and more advanced phones are appeared in our daily life. As a famous mobile phone manufacturer of the world, Sharp is always the customers’ favorites because of its excellent display technology. On the Berlin international electronic consumer exhibition of 2010, Sharp shows the 3D effect which revealed its high technology in this field.

Although the 3D technology is not the first time to present in the phone, Sharp is the first one to forward 3D smart phones and has got some game manufactures to support the 3D display mobile games. A Japanese operator SoftBank recently released two kinds of mobile phones, respectively named as 003SH and 005SH. These two mobile phones have two different appearance designs. 003SH is a cell phone which is full of touch screen and 005SH is equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard and provides users different options.

The performance and configuration of the two mobile phones are the same. They are all installed a Android2.2 operating system and 1GHzSnapdragon processor. Recently, Sharp finally shows its 3D display technology mobile phone. Both Sharp 003SH and Sharp 005SH are operated by SoftBank. The Sharp 003SH will be in the market in December, while Sharp 005SH in February next year.

On the IFA exhibition, every electronic manufacture has showed a brilliant technology. Sharp not only announced its latest 3D television products, but also exhibited the 3D camera which consists of two independent lens compositions. It is similar to Real 3D Fuji W3 camera. It also said that Sharp will showcase 3.8 and 10.1 inches 3D screen. Let’s wait and see.

Each reform of the hardware is a renewal opportunity for smart phones. iPhone is the first one to introduce the touch screen and also the first one to introduce the retina screen triggered high-resolution trend. Now, Sharp and SoftBank first introduce the 3D display technology in mobile phones.

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